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West Bend
West Bend 7-Quart Oval-Shaped Crockery Cooker


Get ready for a feast with the new West Bend 7-Qt. Oval Crockery Cooker. This beautiful stainless steel unit will entice the eyes as well as the taste buds!

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Easy does it.


In all my prior experiences with crock cookers I had no real luck I just didn't like them. My wife however really like the convenience and the way they cook. I must admit I like this one a little better, it may simply be because it isn't round. I never liked the shape of the ones we had before because you would have to basically choose your meal by what will fit. This one is much better it is nice large oval shape and it holds plenty. I bought it due to the shape alone, and I am very pleased with it, this should be the standard design for crockery cookers. It's very well made and easy to clean. The West Bend seems to heat much more quickly than the unit that it replaced in my home. I also like the stainless steel look I like stainless and other easily cleaned surfaces. I have noticed a slight discoloration in the past few weeks but I think it is a heat discoloration. Time to Heat Great heating times, it heats quickly and holds the temp where you set it with out a lot of ups and downs. Cooking Performance Awesome performance even cooking no cool spots or burning on the bottom. The slight discoloration I noticed I believe comes from the heating element being around the sides instead of the bottom. I have no complaint with this since I believe that's why it cooks so well and evenly. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean you can was the crockery normally and the outside of the unit wipes clean with mild normal household cleaning products. Ease of Use Very easy to use it's super simple like any other crockery cooker. Design Awesome design I bought this unit due to its design. Durability I have had no problems with the unit since I got it about 4 months ago.



Great Slow Cooker!


I wanted to find a larger crock pot/slow cooker because I am planning on doubling some recipes and freezing half. I thought that a 7 quart was big enough to do this. I had a Rival crock pot in the past, but decided to try a different brand. The West Bend 7 Quart Slow Cooker seemed like a good choice to me. I'm really glad that I got it. It does a great job cooking things thoroughly. It is also very easy to clean. I haven't had any problems with it so far. The only issue with this crock pot is obviously it is very big, so storing it is a little difficult. It takes up a lot of counter space or shelf space. I happen to have space above our cupboards, so I keep it up there. I would recommend this crock pot!

Menomonee Falls, WI


This West Bend Oval Slow Cooker is Great!


This large capacity, 7 quart West Bend slow cooker is a great buy.  I receive this cooker as a gift just over a year ago and have used it often during that time.  It is a great "set-it-and-leave-it cooker" as the temperature does not vary while cooking is taking place.  The cooker has three temperature controls which include high, low, and warm.  The body of the cooker is stainless steel.  The large capacity dish comes out for easy cleaning or to take right to the table for a meal and it can even be cleaned in a dishwasher.  The power light lets you know that the unit is working properly during use.  The handles on each side of the oval design don't get hot so you can safely and easily move the unit if need be during or just after the cooking process.  The glass lid allows you to see the food as it cooks which cuts down on the amount of time you need to remove it.  This helps to keep the cooking temperature more even and allows faster cooking times. 

Blountville, TN


set and forget


Finally a crockpot I cannot burn up! I often would fall asleep or forget to turn off my other crockpots but this one turns off due to it's built in timer. The removable pot is easy to clean and heavyduty so it can not be easily broken.

Fort Edward, NY


West Bend 7-Quart Oval-Shaped Crockery Cooker

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