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Wei East White Lotus Moonlight Recovery Cream

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Wei East White Lotus Recovery Cream


This line of Wei East has way too much perfume in it. A very high pitch scent of perfume that gives me a headache. If you are sensitive to fragrance then stay away from this brand. The other things are nice and herble smelling that she sells and are fine.

San Antonio, TX


Wow to this hydration from Wei East


Although relitivly pricy, Wei East products in general are fantastic. Although I am still young and do not have mature or aging skin, I do have serisouly dry skin. I use this moisturizer after those winter/windy days where my skin has just had too much. This moisturizing recovery cream has intense hydration qualities. It seems to sooth my skin as soon as I apply it, without leaving a greasy residue. My skin is also prone to breakouts so using a thick moisturizer can on occasion be a bad idea. I have had no prolems with this moisturizer causing me to have breakouts. It is thick and creamy and a little of this product goes a long way. It is easy to rub on and absorbs into skin very quickly. It has a wonderful scent that keeps me coming back for more. I just love the way my skin feels after using this product. It feels hydradted and ULTRA smooth. This seems to be a cream intended for those with mature skin but it works wonders for me and has elimnated my irrating dry patches that I get on my face during the winter months.

Morristown, TN


The Best Cream For Deep Moistuizing At Night


I have been using products from Wei East for the past 4 years.  I  have used every line of  skin products and makeup that Wei has produced and only have glowing comments about each one. The Wei East White Lotus Moonlight Recovery Cream, is for dry/very dry skin. I had been plagued with breakouts, trying other moisturizers from the retail shops.  Since I started using products from Wei East, the breakouts are just a distant, unpleasant memory! The ingredients she uses are recipes that were passed down through her family and are made from natural things, like the Whilte Lotus, Chestnuts, Pomegranate and other natural ingredients found in nature. If you have dry skin, do yourself a favor and try the Wei East White Lotus Moonlight Recovery Cream.  I believe you will be very pleased at how soft and supple your face feels, while applying and the next morning when you wake up!  No matter what skin type you have, Wei has something for you in her White Lotus, Chestnut, China Herbal or Natural Beauty Perfector lines. Please try these products..  You will be happy you did!!

Hamilton, OH


If your skin's dehydrated, help it recover in the moonlight.


***Quick View:*** A thick, rich night cream that pampers your skin and deeply hydrates it. ***Wei East White Lotus Moonlight Recovery Cream***Wei East, a skin care product manufacturer based on Chinese ingredients and philosophies, knows not one line is made for all. They have three different lines of skin care for every skin type and preference. I like them all! However, during the winter, my face gets very dry and needs extra pampering. Although I use Philosophy's skin care line in general, I also have the entire line of both Wei East Chestnut Firming and White Lotus products. One product I especially like is **Wei East White Lotus Moonlight Recovery Cream**. This cream is so thick and rich that a tiny amount goes along way and it gives skin back its glow, hydration, and softness. The **Moonlight Recovery Cream** is a night cream for dry or mature skin. Those with oily or even combination skin will find this cream is too thick and rich for them. The cream is so rich, I need only a dab on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. Then I spread it on my face and ahhhh. I immediately feel the tightness and dryness easing. The next day, I awake with supple, very soft skin that isn't greasy and that has never broken out from the cream. This is a pampering cream that will make mature and/or dry skin literally glow. It will plump the skin and hydrate it and leave it oh so silky smooth. It's very rich but, when my skin is thirsty, I run to this cream to give it a jolt of super concentrated hydration. ***My Viewpoint*** This cream is luxurious and ultra concentrated. Mature and very dry skin will love it. It isn't heavily fragranced and not extremely oily so breakouts are much less likely to happen than with other creams. Made from a combination of Chinese herbs and ingredients and traditional hydrating and anti aging ingredients, East meets West in the best ultra thick cream I have tried. I am going with ***5 stars*** for this cream but it's not for everyone. It will be too rich for those not requiring or wanting super hydration and plumping of the face and neck.

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Wei East White Lotus Moonlight Recovery Cream

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