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Waring We900sa Juicer

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Great Juice


For a while I was looking for a replacement of my old juicer. My old juice was white and it got dirty easily. It did not juice the things I put inside of it very well and my old juice got broken after my boyfriend tried to put a full apple inside of it. So I found this juice and I fell in love with it inside the store. This juice was a steely color so it wouldn't get dirty as easily. I brought it and used it as soon as I got home. This product juiced very well. It didn't juice items that were harder than a pinapple, but I still love it. I can clean it easily without using a whole bunch of soap. I recommend this for people who want a good quality juicer.



Powerful machine, but wastes too much


I liked it when I first got it, but then I realized there are better options out there. This one I feel wastes too much of the fruit/vegetable. Ease of Cleaning PAIN in the but to clean. Pulp just sticks everywhere, and if you don't clean it up right after using then even worse! If you let the pulp dry on anything then it's horrible trying to clean. Durability I could throw whole carrots, heads of romaine, celery and it could handle it all. Versatility/Number of Features Not many options are on here, but that is also a nice thing sometimes. Sometimes you want things for specific purposes. Design It's slick and modern looking, but there's so many pieces to it! If things aren't lined up just right then you leak your precious juice all over the counter!

Maryland Heights, MO


Waring We900sa Juicer

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