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Centrifugal Juice Extractors
Waring Pulp-Eject Juice Extractor

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yields lots of juice and nice dry pulp


This is a great juicer.  I have been juicing for years and this is one of the better centrifugal juicers I have used.  It is still on the loud side but it makes great juice.  The container that catches the juice is nice because it separates the juice from the pulp when you pour it.  The juice comes out nice and see through.  It is really pretty.  The one major downside I have found is that if you push the fruit through too hard it eats away part of the plastic chute.  From what I can tell it stops in the screen but I am wary of that.  I think it is just a design flaw.  As long as you can remember not to push too hard while juicing it is great.

Stanwood, WA


Noisy, cleanup takes time, but excellent juicing


This juicer is from Waring's Professional line - more powerful, more efficient. Which was exactly what we needed - we bought it when a family member was sick and the doc had asked us to give em nutrient rich juices. so we wanted somethng that could handle root vegetables: carrots, beets; as well as something that would tackle fibrous fruits like apples, and greens like spinach. this juicer did all that very well. the large chute meant we could just core the apples and send whole medium apples through, as well as whole peeled beets and whole peeled carrots - BIG time saver, especially when you're taking care of a loved one. Plus the motor is very powerful so we could toss these hefty hard veggies and fruits in and not worry about burning it out - it just chewed through them, tossing bone dry pulp into the pulp extractor container and leaving us with lots and lots of juice. the machine comes with a cup for juice but it is made of plastic, so we always just put our own pitcher or big stein under for collecting the juice. cleanup, as you can imagine, is a bit of work.

Boston, MA


Decent Juicer


This is pretty decent juicer and does what it was intended to do.  I purchased this for my husband as a birthday gift and he uses it occasionally.  So far, we have juiced carrots, strawberries, pineapples, bananas, celery, apples, oranges, and grapefruit.  All these fruits worked well in the juicer and made great drinks; all pulp free.  The only complaint that we have is that it is difficult to clean.  The pulp gets really caked around the sides of the cup and in the grooves of the strainer so it is a pain to clean. It comes with a brush to clean the strainer but it doesn't get into the grooves like it should.   This is one of the reasons why we only use the juicer occassionally.  Neither one of us wants to clean it after we use it.  The parts that are dishwasher safe are the parts that don't get as dirty.  The strainer, which gets the dirtiest, is not dishwasher safe.  All in all, it is a decent juicer for the price. 

San Pedro, CA


very useful


This juicer can even juice carrots. I make apple/carrot juice for my family.. and this juicer works great for that. i have heard that it doesn't work well for soft fruit and I did try to juice strawberries without much success. For hard fruit such as apples and carrots though, its great. One awesome benefit is that you dont have to peel the fuit before you juice the fruit. The only thing that I could say that is a bit negative is that the container that is supposed to separate the foam from the juice, does not work very well at all if it is filled all the way. I solved this problem by not filling the container to complete capacity and the separation, when poured, works fine. I like the idea that there are two settings for speed. I mainly use the lowest setting. The machine is a bit noisey, but not as bad as some juicers that I have used. Overall, I would say that I would buy this machine again. A bargain at under 200.00 bucks.

Logansport, IN


Waring Pulp-Eject Juice Extractor

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