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Walmart Super Starz Microphone

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Super Starz Microphone


My eighteen month old son really enjoys the Super Starz Microphone that his Grandpa and Grandma got him for Christmas this year.  This microphone is red with grey on the top and bottom and says "Super Starz" on the front.  It is made in China which is kind of a bummer, but hey.  There are three buttons on the front.  The top and biggest button says "Mic" and has to be held down when talking in the top for your voice to be magnified.  My son's not really able to remember to hold the button down when talking at this point, so that's kind of a negative.  He hasn't been able to use it for it's main function yet.  The next button is orange and plays music.  The music is cool, but if you press the button by accident there is no way to stop it.  It has to play all the way through.  The next button is green and is the sound of a drumset's symbol.  The smallest and bottom button is blue and is the sound of a tom being hit twice.   

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Walmart Super Starz Microphone

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