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WYSE Keyboard

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A no-nonsense keyboard in an all-nonsense world


This keyboard cuts the crap. I've dealt with all manner of ergonomic, wireless, and advanced keyboards yet I still come back to this one. It has a solid mechanical action that may take some time to get used to if you are used to the soft keypresses of more modern scissor keys on laptops or contemporary keyboards. The keys make a satifying click as you press them down, which make you feel like you're really getting work done. Because the keyboard uses a wired connection there is never any worry about running out of batteries late at night when you desperately need to type something. Also nice is that there is a PS2 port on the right side of the keyboard for your equally antiquated PS2 mouse. At least that saves you the trouble of having to reach around the back of your computer case to plug and unplug it.

San Francisco, CA


WYSE Keyboard

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