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HU1 0021 28
Vornado Whole Room Humidifier With 1.8 Gallon Capacity


A great way to protect your family from dangerously dry air is the Vornado Evaporative whole room humidifier. By combining evaporative humidification with Vornado?s signature whole room circulation, this humidifier creates a comfortable living space through very unique and effective means. Complete and Even Humidification Large amounts of dry air are pulled through the unit with the deep pitch blade circulator and then moist air is pushed out into the room. Results in Even Room Temperature As well as fully circulating the humidification, the Vornado Evaporative humidifier provides even room temperature by recovering and circulating heat off of the ceiling. Easy-to-Use Push Button Panel A built-in humidistat provides automatic humidity control. A desired humidity level and fan speed may be chosen. Large Capacity and Coverage Area Less refills will be required with the 1.8 gallon water tank. The Evaporative whole room humidifier also features a 1000 sq. ft. coverage area.

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