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Vizio - 55 in. LCD TV

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Great TV!


We decided on this TV because it was an awesome price at Sams and it Vizio is a well known brand. We had read some reviews online that said it had problems with sound, but we weren't too concerned because don't have that big of a living space. We got it home and it was very easy to get out of the box and set up. Had it up and going within an hour. The clarity is absolutely stunning. If you get too close up though, it gets kind of pixelized. I would recommend sitting at least 5 feet away from the TV. There are multiple pictures options including wide screen, panorama, and zoom. It's nice to be able to choose what size you want your picture. There are also other settings that you can play with to make the TV play sports and movies better. We didn't see much difference while using these settings. Since we had read bad reviews about the sound, we expected the sound quality to be bad. That is not the case! The sound quality was awesome and we have never put the TV about 1/4 volume. Highly recommend this TV.

Tallahassee, FL


The Best I Have Ever Purchased


**The Visio 55" TV that My husband and I purchased about 6 months ago is the BEST TV I have ever bought. It has the best picture and has an easy remote to use. The picture quality is outstanding and the colors are so rich. It has many features and can even attach or WII to it and use. Easy to change from game to TV with the touch of one button. We live in a mobile hame and when I look at the TV I really think I am in a Theather the picture is soooo big and clear with our theather system. Playing Blu-ray movies is a plus on this giant screen. We watch it all day and almost all night. It was so easy to hook up we did it ourselves. We have it on the wall and it is out of the way and I enjoy watching it all the time. It is the first thing I turn on when I get up in the morning and it runs all day and half the night. It is easy on the eyes and you can set the screen and color to your preferance. This is one great TV. I have owned a Samsung but it's not compared to this. I also have a 46" in my daughter's room and she loves it also. I first bought the 46" for my living room and wanted to go bigger and this was a great TV for the price I paid. You wll love the color and all the features you get with it. The next larger TV I get will definately be a Vizio. I LOVE this TV.**

Darlington, SC


How awesome awesome awesome for the money.


 I was totally against buying another large tv, since my last one only lasted three years and at the time cost an arm and a leg. Now it sits in my basement, a dinosaur at five. Then, this wonder, this shing star in the darkness called, behold, my new Vizio. I was skeptical at first, a quality television, for a totally affordable price wass practically unheard of. needless to say it has become a comfort when I walk into the room, ever reminding me that there are good products I can afford are out there...even if I never heard of the name.LOL.

Kingsport, TN


Vizio - 55 in. LCD TV

4.7 3