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Vizio 37 in. LCD TV

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Vizio M370 VT 37 in. LCD TV Great Product


I finally broke down and bought my first LCD TV for Christmas. After careful review, I bought the Vizio M370 VT 37 in. LCD TV from Costco. It is super thin and the picture quality is amazing, now that I updated My Dish Network equipment to HDTV. My living room is small in size and the stand it comes with works out great. The TV has 3 HDMI ports which I find it very helpful in connecting my Blu-Ray player, Roku, and Dish Network Receiver. The remote feels a little flimsy but has a lot of functions. As far as getting thid TV up and running, I had no problems. I was able to install it in the living room in no time. Some LCD televisions display a distorted picture depending what angle you are viewing it from in a room but this TV seems to display a great picture from any vantage point in the room. The only disadvantage is that this Model does not include Internet Apps but for this price you can't go wrong.

Ridgewood, NY


Great pictures on the Vizio Razor LED 37" TV


We purchased this TV as a Christmas present to ourselves.  We shopped around quite a bit and did lots of research.  After seeing lots of good reviews for the Vizio TVs, we debated between a smaller LED or a larger LCD version for similar prices.  We ultimately decided on the smaller LED Razor model and couldn't be more happy.  It has an AMAZING picture.  It is almost like watching something in 3D.  Especially if you are watching animated programs, the picture is fantastic.  We were skeptical that the picture would be as good as it looked in the store, but we ended up totally happy.  Just remember to buy (and use) the HDMI cables, and of course you also need HD service from your cable company in order to get the great picture.  We're really enjoying the great picture we get when it's hooked up to our new Blu-ray player, too.  The only complaint I would have is that the base that comes with it seems fairly wide, making it hard to use on a narrow entertainment center, but if you were going to mount it on the wall, there wouldn't be a problem anyway.

Big Rapids, MI


Vizio 37 in. LCD TV

5.0 2