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Vizio - 37 in. HDTV LCD TV

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Great TV


I wanted to get a HDTV for myself and I been looking for last Christmas and trying to get something at a great price. Then I found my TV at HHGreg and I have loved it ever since. It has all the inputs that I will ever need and quality is great. Although, I wished I had a much bigger TV in screen size like a 52" but that won't happen anytime soon. I also have ATT U-Verse with the HD channels and everything comes through great. I have never had any problems with the TV. I love that it light weight and I am able to move the TV around the condo at any time by myself is great Pro. Another Pro is the price for the quality. When I was looking for a HDTV LCD I had so many choices to choose from. Samsung, Philip, VIZIO and so forth. Then I had to decided on LCD or Plasma and 1080P or 720P. I ended up getting the VIZIO 37in LCD and 720P.  I did look at the difference between the 1080P and 720P there was real difference. If I have gotten a 52" LCD a person can tell the difference. However, anything below 40" can really tell. 

Anderson, IN


Vizio - E370VL 37 in. HDTV LCD TV


This tv is called the Vizio E370VL 37 in High Definition Television LCD TV which is a very good televison , This tv come's with feature's like the resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels with the aspect ratio of 16:9 widescreen . This tv has a digital tv standard HDTV . The picture quality of this tv is so crisp , crystal clear and it also has nice sound . The sound type is surround. The screen size is 37 inch which it is nice to have a big television in your house . I have no complaints about the wonderful television . I have never had any trouble with this tv . If you are looking for a great tv and for a great price , well then this is the right one right here baby ! It has everything you need for you veiwing (vision) pleasure . These 's colors on the tv are so vivid and bright and the quality of this tv ,show 's very good which me and my family love ' s . This tv is also very lightweight which is another great thing about it .

Los Angeles, CA


Fantastic TV


I got this TV back in September of this year. I wasn't sure if I should go bigger then a 37in but I chose to go with the 37inch. I am glad I went with it. It still has a large appearance to it. It's light and easy to move around when and if needed. My entire family loves VIZIO products for the overall quality and price. You just can't go wrong with this product. I did some extensive research before buying it even with a family who prefers vizios over anything. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't regret it. I bought my TV at Costco. I got it for around 440.00. I thought that was a great deal but of course throughout the holidays I did see it for even lower. The sound on it, is perfect. It has lots of other options with the tv. You can do some fun stuff with pictures and so forth. Overall, I think this is a fantastic TV with outstanding quality and with the inexpensive cost you just can't go wrong.    

Schaumburg, IL


Best tv ever


This is a wonderful tv. I was skeptical about the difference between models and the LCD versus the standard flat panel tube tv until my husband bought this tv as a family gift. This tv makes watching movies, sports and every day shows much more fun and engaging. We couldn't believe how life like things were when we rented our first movie. While it is larger than the standard bedroom tv, we have it mounted on our wall above a portable fireplace. It looks really great and doesn't stick out. We have had no issues with either clarity, color, sound or anything else.  My son loves to watch his cartoons while laying in bed and it makes ever cartoons fun to watch.  I really can't say enough about this tv! It was also reasonably priced (and my husband checked around and compared many models). We have a friend who also had a vizio and they gushed over their tv too.  If you are in the market for a fabulous tv at a great price, this vizio model, or any other their other models, would serve your will. 

Pataskala, OH


Vizio - 37 in. HDTV LCD TV

5.0 4