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Vizio 32 in. LCD TV

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Great Picture but Unit Has A Mind of Its Own


If I had it to do again, I would not purchase this Vizio or any other Vizio knowing what I know about this one. No matter what input you have on, when the unit decides it needs to shut down it does. For what appears to be no apparent reason the unit will shutdown for several seconds to upwards of 1 to 2 minutes with the standby light flashing from yellow to white (off/on) during the shutdown period then it will restart. After speaking with Vizio support twice now and having them jump me through hoops like a dog and pony show the unit still performs the same issue time and time again. One Vizio support employee told me the unit is supposed to do this when the unit determines that it is not 'running at optimum performance', which makes no since as there is apprently no pattern for this situation to occur. There have been times that I have had the unit have this problem 2 or 3 times in an evening or day then it won't happen again for a week sometimes two then it will happen for 5 days in a row. It's really annoying especially if you're watching the Television input with the unit. I use it mostly as a monitor for my computer but it is still annoying when it happens because it interrupts my work flow. I can't in good conscience recommend this unit to anyone. If you are thinking about Vizio - do yourself a favor and think about another brand.

Renton, WA


HD Vizio Television


Last Christmas my husband and I bought two HD Vizio Televisions as a family Christmas gift, to share; watch movies, tvs and playing video games. I would suggest it to all my friends and family. We also bought the Vizio sound bar. It really lets out a lot of sound. I don't particularly like the sound from the vizio tv itself, it doesn't really have depth to it, the bar really makes it sound like the people or characters are talking right next to you. The picture on the vizio is especially great, you can change the moods on it for gaming, tv, and video. There are also other screens you can flip to for video, and gaming and tv all separate things. We have the AT&T U-Verse  and the picture quality is just fantastic, doesn't matter if you are watching HD TV or regular TV it is all very spectacular.  I do not like how long it takes to turn on and off, it takes a couple seconds to respond to the remote command, Some sort of lag or something, but using the manual tv button it seems to turn off slightly quicker

Christiana, TN


Nice Tv!


This TV came in my apartment that I am renting. I was immediately going to move in and switch TV's but decided that this Vizio would serve my needs fine. I have it connected to my Xbox, PS3, Home theater computer, and ATT Uverse box. The picture quality is better than my old Panasonic in my other home. HD on this thing is amazing. I have viewed HD both through Blurays using my PS3 and through ATT Uverse service. The best part is that this TV is 1080p. Some people say that you don't need 1080p on a 32" screen, and I would mostly agree, unless you want to hook up a computer to it. I can use my HTPC for both gaming and web browsing, and the high resolution allows me to have multiple windows open at once! Overall this TV rocks.  One thing that I would say I am having troubles with is sometimes it won't detect my device that is plugged in through HDMI. It's an easy fix by just turning the TV off and then on again, but I am not rating it down for this since it may be that my HDMI Cables suck.

Denver, CO


nice price


I bought this TV last month, the price is much more reasonable than Sony's. I'm not an expert on electronic products, I do not see any differences between this and Sony's. I really think VIZIO is the largest TV set producers.

Austin, TX


Very Reliable and Worth Buying If you are looking for a LCD


I have had the Vizio HDMI LCD for a year and it is clear and reliable. The LCD model is designed to look very clean and sleak. I use it as a TV and Monitor for my Laptop. It automatically shuts off if there is no activity on your computer and once I disconnect it, it shuts off by itself. It comes with an easy to use remote as well. I had experience with Sony and Panasonic, and Vizio is comparable to both top name brands.I have not had any problems with it (knock on wood) and it is relatively light. As a result, it is easy to move around if you need to transport it anywhere. The television is very easy to clean as well. I would recommend it to anyone who would like an affordable LCD that they can carry around if needed and fits in any bedroom, living room, or kitchen. This is my first experience with Vizio, and I am pleasantly pleased with the results of the television and its durable as well as its reliability.

San Francisco, CA


excellent tv


I own this tv for my bedroom and the quality is superb. The picture is crystal clear and flawless-the colors are vivid and bright and it needs no additional adjustments .It feels like you can reach out and touch a leaf on a tree - it is so real looking ! The sound quality is amazing - almost like a surround sound without having to buy anything additional for that set-up -the built in speaker system more than suffices . This Tv is highly rated by consumer magazines and I knew a few people at work who owned one and recommended it . I think it is a better tv than Sony or any of the bigger names .  They even sell them at Walmarts but don't let that trick you - just because they are available at a discount store , they are a first class item and are worth quite a bit more than they cost . Look at them on the display and your eyes will go directly to this model above the competitors as it is that superior in picture and sound quality.  

Springfield, MA


Beautiful Picture


My husband recently bought me this TV for our bedroom. We had been looking at several other TVs and he fell in love with this one. The picture has great color and a nice clear picture. Netflix videos were nearly flawless. DVD's and Blurays play nicely as well.  It is very lightweight yet very sturdy. It has lots of great features on it such as internet applications. It is so nice to be able to wake up and check my local radar before I even get out of bed. It was also a great price. The only problem that we have had with it is that when the TV has been on for awhile (several hours) it starts to make a clicking sound. I have contacted Vizio and they have scheduled a service call to come out and check the TV. Their customer service department was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this television to a friend or better yet purchase another one for my spare bedroom or my child's room.

New Lebanon, OH


Vizio 32 in. LCD TV

3.9 7