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Vizio - 26 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV

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Super thin with a great picture


This LED TV is extrememly thin.  It is great for a small room as you can make it take up VERY little space.  I think it has a great picture with the caveat that we really only watch it in a low light environment.  Remote is fine, but it will attract some fingerprints.  Overall I am very impressed.  It does have HDMI (everything does now).  I have used the HDMI and component.  Both of those have a great picture as you would expect.  I have not used the composite.  I only mention that as other high definition televisions in our house have trouble with composite.  The kids can use the remote without help.  This LED HDTV can get over the air television.  I have done this and the picture is quite good when you have a decent signal.  If you can get away with this the footprint would be the equivalent to a medium to small wall painting.  I would recomend this television.  I bought this on clearence at target for about two hundred bucks and would consider repurchasing it again.

Fort Mill, SC


it's ok


My husband and I bought this tv on new years eve of the year 2010, and have been happy with it over all since we set it up in our bedroom. The picture is good, the quality is good, I am excited to try out the internet functions on it, but just have not yet, because we have not have the time to do it. I am happy with the way it looks and the size is perfect in our room. The thing I do not like about it is the sound. The sound quality is not the best. I think this is because the speakers are in the back, instead of being in the front, which I think would make the sound louder and not come out sounding muffled. I do not like how it sounds like something is covering the speakers. Do not like this at all, no I do not. Another thing I do not like is that because we subscribe to dish network, we have to use two seperate remotes at one time to fully use all of the features on the television. One to change the chanel, the other to turn it on or adjust the volume. I do not like that.

Roanoke, VA


Average TV for a low price


Vizio makes some affordable High-Definition Televisions but their High-Def qualities are lacking.  My particular HDTV from Vizio lacks some basic qualities like decoding MPEG2 video input formats coming in from a cable jack.  When I switch to a channel that is broadcast in 1080p MPEG2, I get a lot of blockiness which results in a less desirable viewing experience.  The worst part is that instead of watching in HD, I have to switch to SD to watch it without artifacts.   In addition it seems that some of the options on the TV do not work as intended.  For example, when I turn on the option to sharpen edges, my picture turns grainy which is not what I desire.   However, there are also positives about the TV.  For one, this TV looks sharp.  It is very thin and has good brightness.  It has has good sound for a small TV, so much so that the difference between a sound level is significant.  Ultimately I don't regret purchasing this HDTV because it does what it is supposed to do at a reasonably low price.  

Atlanta, GA


Vizio 26" LED TV is good value for your money


This TV is very thin and it has nice appearance. It is light and fits almost anywhere. Great for bedrooms and small living rooms. The stand is not swivel. But wide viewing angles makes it not a problem.  Pros:  Connections: Enough connections for a small TV. 2 HDMI, Component, composite, VGA and USB is enough for a secondary TV. Sound: Nice sound for a small TV. SRS sound effects are nice, but sometimes sound levels fluctuate. Brightness: Bright enough to watch in brightly lit rooms. This is TV is not backlit LED, but edge lit LED.  Picture: Very sharp picture.  Remote: Remote is nicely designed. I loved the button lay out. On screen display is very nice and simple. Doesn't cover the screen when menu is displayed. Easy to navigate. Picture modes (movie, game, sports, etc.) adjusts picture levels and can be accessed by one button of the remote. Cons:  Contrast: Contrast ratio is not good as some other TVs. Black levels are not good enough for movies. Tuning: Digital tuning only. I observed picture getting bleached out sometimes. Also some horizontal waving was observed when the TV starts and watching dark scenes. Other thoughts: LED back light saves power. Consumes less than my old CRT TV. Conclusion: This TV is good for small rooms and people on a tight budget.  

Clemson, SC


Vizio - 26 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV

4.0 4