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Vizio 26 in. HDTV LCD TV

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Middle of the road tv


We purchased this tv for an extra room when the kids want to watch a movie with friends or my husband wants to watch a game when the rest of us don't. Overall it is a good tv and the picture is clear with great color. It definately doesn't stand up to our larger 42" Samsung flat screen though. If you are watching this tv straight on while sitting on the couch there are no complaints, however if you decide to sit on the floor to watch it or get to far to the right or left of the tv then the picture loses its color and fades out. This isn't the case with our Samsung. You can be anywhere in the room and you still see the great picture. I like to do my workout exercises in that room, but whenever I do anything on the floor you just don't see the picture very well. Great small tv as long as you are looking straight on.

Monticello, IL


Great "Little" TV Vizio MV260A


This is a great little TV, the size is just right for a bedroom or a kids room. The picture quality is excellent, the colors are vibran and crisp. It's an LED TV, which makes it really energy efficient, real light weight and thin, only 0.86 inches. Sound quality isn't bad, but we run sound from the Tivo and Cable box through a separate AMP and speakers for a better sound experience than this little TV can be expected to deliver.I LOVE that when you do the set-up and scan for channels, it picks up digital channels that my other TVs didnt. I like that it has a sleep timer on it as well. This LED backlit LCD HDTV also includes a digital ambient light sensor ensuring that you will always have the best picture and most efficient energy savings by adjusting the brightness based on the lighting conditions of your room. Overall this is a great TV, has two HDMI inputs, it is very energy efficient, nice picture contrast and colors and just a great bargain. I would highly recomend it if you are looking for a good smaller tv.

Deridder, LA


Vizio 26 in. HDTV LCD TV

4.0 2