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Vizio - 22 in. LCD

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I Hate This TV


Oh my goodness what can I say about this TV? The only good thing that I can think of is that it turns on and works. I bought this TV to go into my baby nursery so that I can have something to watch while she had her feedings at night. Well, the set up is easy, after setting up the TV everything goes down hill. This TV is best if you mount it on the wall and have it hanging at an angle. At first we had the TV sitting on top of a chest dresser top and we could not see the picture at all, all of the people on the TV were very dark. The guide function half worked, if you do not have cable hooked up to this TV, when you scan for channels it will not pick up all of your channels, we had to channel scan like 5 times before it finally pick up the channels. The sound was not bad, it was actually pretty good. So needless to say we gave this TV away. Cheaper isn't always better. Buy something else.

Mesquite, TX


THe Vizio - VO22L Television is good.


This TV is good. It has some problems though. It has good picture. Its sound has some problems. On movies like Avatar the sound crackles and buzzes. This realy only happens on movies. Only once has it done this on cable television. This also doesn't happen on some movies ans on others it only does it for a few seconds. On movies like Avatar though it does it a lot and almost ruins the movie experence. I know that I am making this television look bad but it is over all a good television. If you dont watch many movies or if the movies you watch dont have any special sounds then the picture on this television is worth buying this television.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thank you.

Wadsworth, OH


good tv for the money


The Vizio has a nice picture and good sound, but if you have to have it repaired it is difficult to find a shop to do it.  If you send it back to the company you have to have the original box or you can buy one from them.  I was able to find a shop to fix mine, and I haven't had anymore problems with it.

Romulus, MI


Don't buy - stick with Panasonic, Samsung, or Sony


Bought my VO22L on Jan 17, went out on April 19th - tuner started switching channels on its own and the audio went out completely. No local service due to its screen size (WHA???) and I have to pay to ship it out to get it repaired. Won't buy this one again. Cheap parts, cheap unit.

Plano, TX


Pretty nice high-def TV for a small price


While small, 22", this Vizio VO22L set up nice and easy with our somewhat older receiver, dvd, vcr, and cd player.  Setup was a snap - not too much to do and the picture is beautiful.  We watch a lot of sports on this little tv, and it looks good.  The only "difficult" thing was setting up our all-in-one-remote with this TV, and it really was the remote, not the TV. We are very happy with this TV and will look for other vizio's in the future. We are not Tv-aholics - I just want something that works, looks nice, doesn't cost a lot, and sets up easily. We are watching this with DirectTV, set on 1080, via an old receiver, so we are not using HDMI or even s-video - just component cables.  (As mentioned before we are using this thru an older receiver that works well). 

Centreville, VA


Vizio - 22 in. LCD

2.8 5