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Vision Fitness
T7000, T9700HRT
Vision Fitness Treadmill T9700

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This Treadmill is great


I've had this Treadmill for over 10 years. The Vision Fittness Brand is considered one of the best. I've only had one problem with this machine and it was taken care of during the first year of ownership. A lot of things could go wrong with treadmills especially if there is a lot of electronics built into it. That's why I got the model with the least electronics, the machine only has a digital display for MPH, Distance in in tenths of a mile, calories and elevation of the deck. Maintence has been minimal, all you have to do is lubricate the deck under the belt with candle wax every 6 months. That keeps the belt and deck from wearing out. I've put 12 miles a week on the machine for over 10 years and I still have the original deck and belt. Great machine and I would buy another one without hesitation.

Deer Park, NY


was a good work out


AFTER EXPERIENCING THIS EQUIPMENT I FEEL LIKE STARTING MY OWN GYM.I recently got into working out and needed a treadmill.  I bought this from a local store...and am amazed by the good quality, the features that I can get from this.  This was worth a investment, you get your moneys worth and more. 

Richmond Hill, GA


Vision Fitness Treadmill T9700

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