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VillaWare UNO Belgian Waffle Maker

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Great waffles!


This waffle maker works great and heats up quickly. It is easy to clean and the waffles come out nicely. These are true Belgian waffles that are nice and thick when they are finished. I like that there is a timer from one to five minutes so that you can set it easily. The machine makes a whistling sound when it is hot enough to start working (it takes just a few minutes to heat up-maybe 5?) and the same whistling sound when the waffle is finished. The waffle iron is really heavy and I wish it weren't teflon coated, but I'm not sure you can find a waffle maker these days that isn't teflon-coated. We make waffles at my house every couple weeks and this has lasted for about a decade now. Overall, a great product that is totally satisfactory.

Irmo, SC


Making waffles is a cinch and so easy to clean!


My husband bought me the Villa Ware Belgium Waffle maker that makes 4 square-shaped waffles at once for a gift. My children all liked to eat the frozen waffles that you buy in the grocery store. The first time I made waffles in the Villa Ware Waffle Maker I couldn't believe how easy it was! The waffle maker has a light and a sounding timer that tells you when it's ready for you to put the batter in as well as when the waffles are ready. It makes perfect waffles everytime! It comes with recipes to try, although I haven't tried any yet as I have used regular pancake mix and it works perfectly! The Villa Ware waffle maker is extremely esy to clean which is a great feature! Just spray in some non-stick spray (I use Pam) and you're set. And you only need to spray it the first time each time you use it. Not after each waffle. My children refuse to eat frozen waffles out of a box after using this waffle maker! I would recommend it to anyone!

Hartville, OH


VillaWare UNO Belgian Waffle Maker

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