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Viking - Stainless Steel 24"Open Burner Range - VGIC (24"wide, four burners) VGIC2454BSS


(P)(B)Commercial-Type Cooking Power (/B)(/P) (UL) (LI)Stainless steel surface burners with brass valves accommodate an infinite range of settings (/LI) (LI)VariSimmer(TM) setting, found on each surface burner, provides gentle, even heat across the entire cooking vessel surface (/LI) (LI)Automatic electric spark ignition/re-ignition; surface burners light at any position on the knob and re-light if extinguished, even on lowest setting (/LI) (LI)Large convection oven (UL) (LI)Overall 3.1 cubic feet (/LI) (LI)AHAM standard - 3.0 cubic feet (/LI) (LI)Three heavy-duty racks/six positions (/LI) (/UL) (/LI) (LI)Natural airflow baking with 30,000 BTU U-shape burner; more power for quicker heat-up and even heat distribution (/LI) (LI)1,500 degree F, closed-door, Gourmet-Glo(TM) infrared broiling with 15,000 BTU burner (/LI) (LI)Four fan-forced convection oven functions (UL) (LI)Convection two-element baking with fan-forced air (/LI) (LI)Convection infrared broiling (/LI) (LI)Convection dehydrating with low-temperature bake setting (/LI) (LI)Convection defrosting with fan-forced air only - no heat (/LI) (/UL) (/LI) (LI)All convection modes utilize the ProFlow(TM) Convection Air Baffle, which is specifically designed to ensure balanced airflow for even heat distribution (/LI) (LI)Heavy-duty, porcelain broiler pan/grid (/LI) (LI)One oven light (/LI) (LI)Convection fan switch on control panel (/LI) (LI)Oven"on"indicator light (/LI) (LI)Commercial-style bezels around control panel knobs (/LI) (/UL) (P)(B)Safe, Easy Operation (/B)(/P) (UL) (LI)Large, easy-to-read knobs with childproof, push-to-turn safety feature (/LI) (LI)Heavy-duty oven door handle (/LI) (LI)Automatic electric spark ignition - no standing pilot to re-light, waste energy, or add extra heat to the kitchen (/LI) (LI)Heavy-duty, porcelainized, cast-iron, removable surface burner grates provide virtually continuous front-to-rear, left-to-right surface for easy movement of large pots (/LI) (LI)Stainless steel lan