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Viking Refrigerator

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Bad appliance


I own the refrigerator and the freezer units. The concept and the space are awesome. There are problems tough... Both the freezer and the refrigerator leak inside and this causes major problems particularly in the refrigerator. The units are very noisy, the fans run a lot and are very noisy. Viking makes excellent ovens, I owe two of them and one is 17 years old and still in great shape. Don't buy their refrigerators, I heard from the appliance store that I bought it from that they do not recommend it any longer. They have to carry it because Viking asks them to, but they do not sell them. For refrigerators stick to Sub-Zero... Noise Level Fans are very noisy. To the point of being annoying...



Classy wood panel refrigerator gives maximum fridge space


This is one of the options you look at when you're deciding the creme de la creme of built-in refrigerators. Viking makes this plywood paneled refrigerator in both right arm and left arm swing, hinging on either side when you order so that it can be customized to your kitchen. The hinges are concealed so that the door appears to lay flush against the rest of your kitchen appliances or walls. This is a really hidden design. Except for the handle, it looks like it blends right in with the kitchen. There's a compartment inside for just about anything imaginable. Dairy, meats, cheese, fruits, veggies, etc., and all run on ball bearings so they slide out super easy. There are adjustable shelves inside made from real glass. One thing that I LOVE about this fridge is the safety alarm. If for whatever reason the fridge door has been open for 3 or more minutes by accident, a chime will go off.



garbage dont buy


own 3 kitchens with all viking appliances  the all freezer and refrigerator has been replaced and breaks all the time and takes forever for parts it is the worst appliance i have ever owned overpriced and no performance 

Boonton, NJ


Viking Refrigerator

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