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ViewSonic VT1900LED 19 in. LCD TV

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A Little Disappointing, but OK for the money


This View Sonic Television was a risk I made by purchasing online. I was searching for a small flat screen that was inexpensive, but yet still fairly decent. When I got this Television, I was disappointed in the size of the screen. I probably just made an uneducated choice on size, but it really does not seem like a 19 inch screen to me. In any case, once we got it connected to the cable and all the features set up, we were very disappointed with the quality of the picture and with the quality of the sound. The picture is dark and fuzzy. The sound is often unclear as well. We are pleased with the features for "sleep" mode and it's compatibility to be a computer monitor as well. The whole unit is very compact. It is well sized for small spaces, but I would not consider it very durable. It is made of mostly plastic and since we have chosen to use it on the pedestal provided (rather than hanging it on the wall), it seems to be very wobbly. Overall, this was probably not the best choice for this type of product with regard to quality and price. I am satisfied that it works well enough for our needs, but would probably not choose this one again.

Trenton, NJ


ViewSonic VT1900LED 19 in. LCD TV

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