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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Wild Scarlet Body Spray

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A good gift that's good for mature as well as young ladies


This is a delicate sweet fragrance that has apples and lilies in a gentle balance so that the result is not sweet and fruity, nor all floral, but something that combines both nicely. The result is mature enough for an older woman like me, yet youthful enough for younger ladies. The fragrance lingers softly in a way that is noticeable yet not overpowering. What makes me feel young is the fruity edge. This is also why I gave it as a gift to my daughters. It's also quite worth the price because the large bottle lasts a long time. One squirt is really all that's needed to smell nice.



A new scent you're sure to love!!!


Victoria's Secret new "Secret Garden" fragrance addition Wild Scarlet is superb!!! It smells entirely different from the rest of the scents in the collection and I love it!! The smell of apples and flowers fills the room every time I use it and it's sure to please anyone you know when you walk into a room while wearing it. Simply delicious!!!

Pasadena, CA


Victoria's Secret Wild Scarlet Body Spray

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