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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Perfect Lipstick - Exotic Spice (Heidi Klum Collection)

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Sexiest Lipstick Ever


I was skeptical at first, but this lipstick is killer! It smells nice, looks fierce, and stays put! Men were hitting on me all night, and I think it was because my confidence was out the roof! Worth the price!

Cookeville, TN


best lipstick color victoria's secrets made


i had purchase in the past victoria's secret brand lipsticks and i have not had good luck with them either they were too dry for my lips or they were way too sheer and my lips showed through wich i hate.Every time heidi klum makes a line of makeup for victoria's secret it's so much better.i bought this when victoria's secret had it on sale and im so glad that i did.i feel in love with the lipstick its very creamy and it's also pigmented so my lips don't show through.its a nice brown color on me thats the way it looks.it looks like a mac lipstick that the girls would wear after they get a mac makeover.what i don't like about the lipstick is that it won't stay on that long it may stay on as long as two hours before it disappears off my lips then i would have to reapply it again that's why i took of one star and it has a kinda coffe scent to me and its better then smelling like plastic unlike some other lipsticks.i regret that i didn't buy another one cause i really do like this color.

North Charleston, SC


For the price it is a very good value


I love to have shine on my lips and I hate when lipstick gets clumpy or dries my lips out. This lipstick glides on very smooth and does not clump or dry your lips out. It does deliver an adequate shine, the only complaint that i do have it is that it does not last very long. However there is not many long-wear lipstick's or glosses that won't dry your lips out. I would prefer to continuously have to reapply my lipstick than to have dry lips. Another problem as I mentioned before is clumping and i can happily say that this lipstick does not clump either. It does glide across your lips and feels like it moisturizes throughout the day. It also has a pleasant taste and it does not have that waxy taste and texture a lot of the lipstick out today does. It has great coverage the but the shine could be a little better, but again that is a personal preference so I would say overall that this is a good value for the money.

Redford, MI


victoria secret sexy lipsstick


I love this one,I put this lipstick everytime i go out and and it last long,Very sexy, perfect lipstick -- could such a product exist,Perfect is quite an exaggerated statement, however, 'Sexy' or 'Seductive' just like all their other products can be a form fit for this lipstick. While this lipstick acts like a product,The Very Sexy makeup line is a tightly edited portfolio of great colors and products. The Perfect Lipstick collection is a great example,This is one of my faourite.really like the brand and i highly recommend it I love it bacause its better than pther brand which dont last longer and it doesnt fee like  we are wearing any makeup.so erally loving this product will buy another if im running out of this product.Victoria secret is expensive but well worth every penny spent. I love very sexy line they have, smells so good the lipstick last forever but the only downfall for this product,,,so go and buy one.

Walnut Creek, CA


Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Perfect Lipstick - Exotic Spice (Heidi Klum Collection)

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