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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret So Sexy Style Tame & Smooth Instant Detangler

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My new obsession!


I have long been on the hunt for a product that would make my hair super shiny without making it greasy. I am so happy to say that the hunt is OVER! Let me give you my hair's M.O.- it's super long, super thick, dry- can get pretty frizzy during humid weather and it's wavy, though I wear it straightened or blownout. I am extremely excited about this product, and now a day's not many things are popping up that get me this pumped! Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite bands for clothing, lingerie and perfume, but I have never really tried their hair care line. So I decided it was time- nothing from Vicki's (Yeah we're on a first name basis;) has ever disappointed, so why not? So I was getting ready last week and was rushing because I was a bit late, so I decided to spritz my hair about three times with the So Sexy Style Tame and Smooth Detangler to sort of speed up my routine. Well, boy did it speed up my routine! I combed it through with a wide toothed comb so that it was thoroughly on all strands (the comb didn't pull at tangles at all, it was like the tangles fell right out of my hair!) and looked in the mirror- the silky sleek-ness was absolutely unbelievable- and the shine was mirror! I have never had a product completely transform my hair into such sexy, sultry healthfulness! So, I ran out of the house, completely psyched to show off my glam hair, and completely forgetting to put my perfume on. My fiance' could NOT stop complementing me on my hair, I had two randoms reach out to touch it and the scent drove my fiance wild! So I was glad I didn't put my perfume on! I am so happy with this product, I don't ever want to have to live without it again! Please take my advice if your on the fence about Victoria's Secret's So Sexy Style Tame and Smooth Instant Detangler, and go try it- I know you will not be disappointed!

Worcester, MA


Great Product!


I am a busy mom with two young children.  Most days I need to condense my beauty routine to just a few minutes before they destroy the house!  I love this Tame & Smooth instant detangler because it not only helps detangle my hair, but it helps with frizzy hair, shine, and it smells delicious!  The first time I used it my husband asked me what new perfume I had bought!  I really love it!  I have used it on wet hair, to help it settle down and not be frizzy.  I have also used on wet hair before I blow dry it, to give it that volume and shine.  And I have used it on dry hair, to calm the frizz and boost my confidence with that amazing smell!  I like that it's a detangler, but it does so much more!  This summer we took a trip to Canada to visit my family, and my sisters wanted to steal it from me!  They don't have Victoria's Secret where they live, and shipping costs are high up there, so they hadn't heard of it.  I highly recommend it!

Ogden, UT


Easily smooths and detangles wet hair


I haven't used a hair detangler since I was about six years old, so I was a bit skeptical about trying the VS So Sexy Style Tame & Smooth Instant Detangler for my grown up tresses.  I picked up a bottle at a sale because my super fine hair could be laying flat on a board and still manage to tie itself up in knots within seconds.  I was tired of meticulously combing from ends to root, and even more tired of hitting multiple snarls after every shower. The VS Instant Detangler comes in a plastic pump bottle (which has so far resisted clogging), and it has hardly any scent (a good thing).  When I get out of the shower, I arrange all my hair so that it falls down my back, and then I spritz my hair about five times.  Although I should still comb my hair starting at the ends and ending at the roots, my impatience does not allow for this.  So, I start combing midway through my locks, and what do you know?  Hardly any tangles: the comb glides right through my hair. I have been using this product for about six months now, and I have noticed an extreme improvement in the health of my hair.  Although the VS Detangler is not classified as a conditioner, it does a great job of nourishing my hair, and I am unlikely to give it up any time soon.

Hershey, PA


Victoria's Secret So Sexy Style Tame & Smooth Instant Detangler

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