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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret PINK Tinted Lip Balm - Peace

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Victorias secret Pink Tinted lip balm is always in my purse


I always carry a Victorias Secret Pink tinted Lip balm in my purse. I live in Minnesota, and it gets quite cold and blustery in the winter. I love to always wear lipstick and lipgloss, but sometimes I need something a bit more moisturizing. I love how it gives just some color, not too overwhelming for those who like a more natural look. I have the green tube, and the Pink tube. The green tube is more of a pink, while the pink one is a bit more on the natural side. Both taste and smell great, and are not super heavy on your lips. It only gets 4 stars in my opinion because it does not seem to be as moisturizing as other balms out there. I would say this is a bit more on the side of a lip color or tint than a balm. It does give your lips some immediate relief, but I don't think it actually helps heal the dryness of the lips. I purchase them when they go on sale, last time I think I got them for 5 bucks a piece. They last quite a bit of time. They tube is smaller, thus easier to store in your purse, or throw in a jacket pocket.

Brainerd, MN


Victoria's Secret Pink Lip Balm - Decent for price


As with some of the Victoria's Secret Lip Products, they aren't so great, I still feel like this lip balm is gunky and goopy like the others. It is soft but if you don't roll it down it squishes into the cap and I just HATE that. I don't really like the smell of it, not impressed with it. Nor do I really care for the look, there's not much too it. "Tinted" Usually means it will boost your lips in some colour but not this, or maybe it's just me. It's nice that its the size of other lip glosses, but I don't think it's quality is up there with them. It gums your lips up and coats them but not in a good way, you keep rubbing your lips but instead of smoothing out it hides in your imperfections, no girl wants that. It is OKAY for the price, but you'd be better off walking into wal-greens or wal-mart for those cheap bon bon lip glosses. I'm not impressed with this item nor have I been by the other Victoria Secret Lip Glosses/Balms.

Fort Smith, AR


Victoria's Secret PINK Tinted Lip Balm - Peace

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