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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Love Spell Shower Gel

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Lovely smell, not so lovely wash


I love Victoria's Secret, but I would not recommend their body washes. When I use them, I don't feel as though I'm getting a real wash from them. I still feel germy after I use them and feel as though they don't eliminate body odors, but instead only mask them. I wouldn't recommend this product for daily use or to use on all parts of the body, maybe just the arms and neck.





If I had one word to describe the quality of both the scent and the product, it would be this: beautiful. Love Spell is new to me - in fact, I'd never heard of the scent before being gifted this shower gel. I first stared at the purple packaging and went ohh so girly *nose crinkle inserted here*. The second I caught the scent ... I was under its spell. This scent is my absolute must-have. If there were a zombie apocalypse, I'd be packing it around and it would last forever (and I'd be, like, the coolest girl in the group with the best smelling body in such a nasty smelling world, right?). The cleansing power of the gel is just as wonderful as its loveliness. It moisturizes beautifully, exfoliates gently leaving your skin super soft, and the scent refuses to become overpowering - it has a blend of beautiful overtones (it's a cherry blossom and peach blend so it has floral high notes and more grounded but so soft low notes) that don't make people back away. They lean in just a bit closer. And then they smile when you leave the room and that scent lingers so soft and subtly. Seriously - I've tested ... I'm just that curious. How much would I recommend the Love Spell Shower Gel? So much I would have no reservations and not be lying when I said that all the cleansers I've tried fail miserably in comparison to this light, foaming, perfectly exfoliating thick (not watery at all) gel that really delivers in every way you want it to. Effectiveness Living in the mountain desert southwest region of the Rocky Mountains, I know what dry skin is. It hurts. This gel takes all the dryness away immediately and leaves no greasy feeling. It simply cleanses and moisturizes ... and, of course, carries that lovely soft scent. Scent Love Spell has become my signature scent that I don't even need to pair with others to achieve something unique.



It is Love Spell :)


This is really Love Spell.  Although it is only a Love Spell shower gel, people around me like this fragrance.  One time, I took a shower with this Victoria's Secret Love Spell shower gel after working out in a gym. The, the girl who was next to my shower room smelled it and asked me what I used after I walked out of the shower room.  Second time, I bought this product as a gift to one of my best friend.  She used the Love Spell mist spray, Then, her mom smelled something nice and asked my best friend what she has used.  After that, her mom took it, and sprays around her body a little bit on her work day.  Then, her mom's coworker who is a man smelled it and asked her what she has used because he wanted to buy this Love Spell for his wife.  What a good smell of love spell!!

Manassas, VA


Victoria's Secret Love Spell Shower Gel

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