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Vicks Digital Thermometer

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save yourself the hassle, buy an ear or temporal thermometer.


We are now on our third child and have had our fair share of feverish kids over the years.  I purchased this Vicks digital thermometer with my first, and only recently upgreaded to an Xergen temporal thermometer.  I wish I would have just bought and ear or forehead thermometer in the first place.  I paid quite a bit less for this Vicks digital thermometer, but I never felt like it was very accurate, and it was a total pain to use.  How many sick kids do you know that like to sit still while you hold a pokey object in their armpit for what seems like a very long time?  I actually replace the Vicks digital thermometer becuase I thought it was broken.  I later found out it was just the batteries (which were a really weird size).  I am actually really glad I replaced it becuase the new temporal thermometer I bought is WAY better.  It was definately worth the extra money.  I would not recommend this thermometer to anyone (unless you can't afford anything else...it's better than nothing).

Bountiful, UT


Vicks Digital Thermometer

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