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Verdi Spumante

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I wish I could find it more!


Verdi is the BEST sparkling wine I have EVER tasted! I must preface this by saying I am not a wine conessur but I am not afraid to try things. Many sparkling wines and champagnes out there have a sour or bitter taste at the end of a drink. This bitter and sour bite makes me sick! I cannot stand the tast in other beverages. Verdi on the other had has done it ALL right! It has a soft fruity taste with an amazing amount of sparkle and zest. It seems to have a smooth finish and nothing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. We love to have Verdi in my house. Not only do friends call and ask what we had for drinks on more than one occasion, they have all switched to this amazing sparkling wine. We drink this for any occasion we want to celebrate. Also my husband brings it in when he wants to have a romantic evening just to unwind! It is perfect for even the pickiest of people. This will be a sure fire crowd pleaser for your event too!

Bessemer, AL


My family HAS to have Verdi at every family event w. fruit.


My mom randomly picked up Verdi one day at the store and my entire family (ranging in ages from 23-31) just LOVE this stuff. It is slightly sweet, wine taste but not too strong. Even non-wine lovers are loving this stuff in my family. We always cut up strawberries and put them in the glass of Verdi. Then eat them at the end and it is just excellent. This is worth a try, especially since it is so cheap for such a quality product. Do not worry about a hangover... just because one person says they received a hangover from Verdi, doesn't mean EVERYONE will. I have never received one ever from Verdi. ENJOY!

South Bend, IN


Verdi Spumante

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