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Vavoom Matrix Extra Full Freezing Spray

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Volume and more volume from this product


I have flat, thin hair and am always looking for a good spray that will give my hair the added volume it needs and not have to spend a fortune. This product has been great for my hair. I like to use a volume lift spray before I blow dry my hair, and then I use this spray after blow drying. My hair is cut short in a bob like style and I simply put my head upside down and spray and then comb it into place once it is dry. I usually flat iron some of the wild pieces and then use this spray as a finishing spray as well. It is a hard hold spray and I really do not have to use much to get the look I need, but be careful because if you spray too close or too much, it will make your hair hard. It would be a great product to keep an up-do in place. This product is reasonably priced and it really lasts a long time, so I think it is a great value for what you get. I have found that it is becoming more difficult to buy the product and I really hope they are not thinking about discontinuing it.



Oh My GOODNESS, it really DOES freeze your hair!!


This is the BEST freezing hairspary that I have run across yet!  It's a little more expensive than I like to pay, but I guess it's worth it since IT WORKS!  Even the tall can is nice!  It just gives you a feel of being in a salon and it never clogs up like some hairsprays do.  It smells good too, fresh and "clean".

Augusta, GA


Best out there


I was at my mother house when I tried this hair spray . It is by far the best and I wouldn't use anything else now since I tried this. I have my self bought this hairspray the only thing I don't like about this hair spray is the price. But, I guess you get the best when you pay alittle bit more for something. When I use this on my hair ( I have really oiliy hair) everything else by the end of the day make my hair feel so gross. When I use this it doesn't make your hair feel heavy of sticky when you put some on like some of the other brands out there. It holds very well through the day and by the end of the day my hair does not feel greasy. I love th size of the bottle it last me a pretty good bit before I have to buy some . The bigger size of this can is a plus it is like buying 2 cans in one. I would recommend this to anyone that wants quality hair spray that don't leave you hair oiliy or really stiff.

Charlotte, NC


Flat Hair Miracle


I get so sick of hair products that don't work. I have fine limp straight hair and live in a hot and humid climate. I am 47  years old. But i wear funky colors in my hair striped with brk brown, auburn and blond. I need something that can hold my hair without making me look stiff and untouchable. This is it. i have been using Vavoom for the past two years and I recently got this and was worried because it said Freeze I mightmend up with it too stiff. I was so happy to find it was more of the same just better. No disappointment here. This is worth a try by anybody. It has been a favorite of both the hair professionals I have seen in Florida since I moved here 5 years ago and this particular product I found out about by myself and soon as I say the name Vavoom I knew it was worth the money to try. So happy i did.You will be too!                    Sandy.fl

Deerfield Beach, FL


No Va, no Voom, No nuthin!


**Quick View** **Vavoom Matrix Extra Full Freezing Spray** doesn't add fullness or volume and doesn't hold my hair in place. In fact, I have no idea what it does do because, no matter how much I use, it's as though I have no hair spray on my hair at all. Quite possibly the worst hair spray I ever used. **Full Story** I have long, bra strap length straight hair that needs body, volume, and hold. This product was recommended by a Wal-Mart hairdresser. Need I go on? ;) **The Product** This comes in a slim, tall black metal can with a spray top and red cap. It looks great sitting on my sink. It has a pleasant scent, not too strong and not too much like chemicals. It promises extra strong hold and lots of added fullness and volume. It seems to be prefect. But then I use it and remember why I hate it. **My Use** My hair is long and heavy. It needs strong hold and volume. This hair spray promised to give me both. I spent a crazy amount of time using a flat iron to gently wave my ends under and to add body to my hair and then, I pulled out my secret weapon, **Vavoom Matrix Extra Full Freezing Spray.** I figured that, even if it didn't add fullness to my hair, it would hold my style well. The spray is aerosol and smells nice. It doesn't bead up or get sticky. But ... the first thing I noticed is that it didn't add any fullness or volume at all. But that was OK. I just wanted something to hold the waves I took so long to make. The spray doesn't feel hard. It doesn't feel ANYTHING. I sprayed quite a bit on and left the house. Before I arrived at the function I was going to, my hair had lost its wave. What the heck? I looked like a drowned rat! I tried this spray several more times and it does NOTHING. It doesn't hold a style, it doesn't shine or make my hair look full, it doesn't do one darn thing. It's like I am spraying scented water on my head. It doesn't get sticky and I can comb through my hair which is a plus, I suppose. But it fails to do what it promises, even a little. Suave Hair Spray works 10 times better than this for much, much less. **My Viewpoint** **Vavoom Matrix Extra Full Freezing Spray **was one of the biggest disappointments I have had with hair styling products. It simply does nothing. On the plus side, it doesn't flake. But on the negative side, it doesn't WORK! ***1 star.*** What a rip.

The heart of , NY


Vavoom Matrix Extra Full Freezing Spray

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