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Great to Find Cheap Cruises


I have been on this company's mailing list for years. Every week, they send out a 90 day ticker that has the best cruise deals for the next 90 days. Sometimes, I see some really good ones (man...I can't wait until retirement...). I have used this site as a bouncing off point to then go to the company's website and book a cruise. Sometimes, they have onboard credit deals that are specific to them, and then booking directly with them gives a better deal. I also like to read their newsletters. They include interesting information about cruising and often have a reporter writing little stories. Best of all, the top 10 cruise deals of the week are included in the e-mail, so I always read those, just so I can dream about my future trips. I recommend signing up for their e-mail list, so that you can see them too. You never know, a perfect deal for you might show up! As an example, one I see right now is 7 days in Alaska for $279 - are you kidding me! What a deal! $39 a day!!

Palm Bay, FL


VacationsToGo.com has provided the best options


I am planning a cruise vacations in the future and last year I decided to get educated on what is available. I contacted many travel agency's and cruise lines as well as talking to people who have traveled. Because I have several options and I am not committed to a certain location however I am committed to finding the very best deal that I can. I want the most that I can get for my dollar. VactionsToGo.com has provided me a very nice variety of destinations as well as a great price range that includes many really good deals. I enjoy reading the regular write ups about the current good deals on great destinations that I receive by email on a regular basis. They do not flood you with email and that is a plus as well or I would have unsubscribed. I have not picked my dream vacation yet but when I do I will be using VacationsToGo.com. Ease of Use I have not actually used them to travel with yet so I can not give them a full 10, however I do know that I will use them because I am very happy with the website while I am getting ready to travel and looking for the best deal. Features I will give a 10 with features because I like the regular emails that I chose to receive. I enjoy reading all the best deals available and the lay-out of the newsletter is appealing to me. Customer Service I have not contacted the customer service department yet but I feel that if I need to they will be satisfactory just because I am comfortable with my regular email that has all the contact information included.

Ellwood City, PA


Cheap cruises!


When I first saw this website, I wondered if it was a scam. The layout and look of the website is like something from the late 90s - very cheap looking. But they've turned out to have fantastic deals on cruise lines. Features I like that they compare the cost of their tickets with the cost of buying it from the cruise line itself. When I first discovered this website, I compared the prices to those of the cruise line, and they were completely accurate in stating how much of a discount price you receiving buy purchasing through this website. I also like that the describe the boats, cruise lines, etc. This was extremely helpful for me when I first started looking into going on cruises. I wish that they would allow you to have large searches. Sometimes I want to just browse through what they have available, but it says that the search is too large and I have to narrow down my fields. Customer Service I have not had to deal with the customer service on this website, which tells me that they are just fine.




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