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VPX Sports Redline Energy Drink Grape 4 ea (Vpx Sports)

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Works well...use with extreme caution


I've found redline to be an effective fat burner but only when used with exercise. Its main fat burning ingredients are green tea, Vinopectine, and evodiamine. These ingredients will raise your body temperature and combines with exercise can burn LOTS of calories. However, people with blood pressure issues, liver, thyroid, and heart problems should avoid this product at all costs. I've found that when I take this product for more than a week at a time my stomach starts to hurt right over my liver. Also, its very important to have food in your stomach before drinking this supplement. I drank it on an empty stomach and threw up. Also, only drink half a bottle to start with to see how your body reacts. The first time I drank it I got a little dizzy. This is not a product to drink quickly. Even though its a small bottle the ingredients are very powerful. I found the best results from using this product are when drinking it while lifting weights. Drinking it during cardio gives a lot of energy but I didn't notice as much fat burning as I did when lifting weights.



VPX Sports Redline Energy Drink Grape 4 ea (Vpx Sports)

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