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Untamed Path

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The best way to get down & dirty in South America!


We worked with Untamed Path on a group trip (20 people) to the rainforest of Ecuador.  A married couple, Jen and Mike, own and operate the business and specialize in South American ADVENTURE travel.  Overall, the trip was amazing.  They coordinated all our lodging, transportation in buses, white water rafting, hiking, etc.  We stayed for two nights with an indigenous family in rustic cabanas...definitely not a place that we would have found on our own. Jen and Mike were our in-country guides.  You will save a bit of money using a local guide rather than them, but they are very knowlegeable and given that some of our trip got sick, we were very glad to have them.  Our only complaint was the communication before the trip took place.  Untamed Path is VERY detail oriented - which is a good thing.  However, we often received three emails in a given day and they tended to be very long.  But while it was frustrating and could have been done a little more professionally, ultimately, Untamed Path gave us an exciting, adventurous, yet safe trip that really put us in contact with the nature and the local people.  If this is the type of trip in South America that you are looking for, you will not find anyone better!Their website is: www.untamedpath.com

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Untamed Path

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