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Unilock Pavers - Hollandstone

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Perfect Pavers for a Patio


When [TheBard][1] and I moved into our home we had the option to have the builders install a concrete patio.  We declined, opting instead to leave the backyard a blank slate and procure a more attractive patio after the house was built.   One day after moving in, I came across a brochure for **Unilock**, and I immediately knew that this was the perfect paver to create our patio. We visited a local landscaper - and Authorized Unilock Installer - who had several paver styles laid out on display.  Unilock has a variety of products for patios, driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls, and pool areas.  After looking at all the options, we selected the **Unilock Hollandstone** paver in **Autumn Red** and **Charcoal**. **Hollandstone Pavers** Unilock's Hollandstone pavers measure 3.94" x 7.87" x 2.36," which were installed in a classic herringbone pattern.  The red paving stones form the main color of the patio, while the charcoal grey/black stones form the border.  There are bits of charcoal in the red stones, so the whole look is coordinated and ties together nicely. Unilock offers a Lifetime Guarantee on its products.  The structural integrity is guaranteed for life and the company claims that its pavers are twice as strong as poured concrete. **My Experience with Unilock ** It's been a few seasons now, and the Unilock Hollandstone has held up quite well.  Although it is an option, we did not use a sealer on the bricks, so the color has faded some.  I don't mind that because the washed out colors give the pavers an interesting weathered look.  All of the bricks are intact and none has chipped or broken.   Occasionally, a weed manages to germinate and come up between a pair of stones but it hasn't been a big problem.  The sand that is compacted between the stones during the installation seems to keep weeds at bay.  If you seal the bricks, you increase the protection against errant weeds even more. The only problem that we do have is that the ground has shifted noticeably because we have a sloped backyard.  Some of the edging bricks have come out of alignment and will have to be secured again.  The pavers can be pried out by using two, flat-head screwdrivers.   Overall, I think we made the right choice in selecting **Unilock Hollandstone Pavers** over a poured concrete patio slab.  The only problem was with shifting bricks, which I consider to be an issue with the installation (and Mother Nature); not with the product itself. The pavers have worn well through the seasons and they are backed by the company's lifetime guarantee.  We're extremely happy with our attractive, classic patio.  It's like an additional room for our house. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/aboutme/TheBard

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Unilock Pavers - Hollandstone

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