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TummyTub USA Sparkling Blue TummyTub Baby Bath

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Womb-like experience for your baby


My husband bought this tub after seeing an online video of it being promoted on The Today Show. It's an awkward tub to get used to putting a baby into, especially if you're a new parent, but both of my kids calmed immediately upon being placed in it. You could tell they were comfortable. It isn't the easiest tub to use, the whole one-handed wash thing while trying not to let your little baby slide around too much. My husband loved giving the kids bath in it, I wasn't as much of a fan. It's a pretty pricey tub considering you'll need to order it online likely and pay for shipping. But, it does wonders for calming babies, so maybe you'll find it worth it if other tubs aren't doing the trick.



TummyTub USA Sparkling Blue TummyTub Baby Bath

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