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Trident - Cyclops Case HTC EVO 4G

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The Trident Cyclops Case treats my phone like Ft. Knox Gold.


This case is ridiculous. Not bad ridiculous, but extremely good bang-for-your-buck ridiculous. Stand back Otter Box, Trident is the new efficient phone case maker in town (and cheaper too). I was sold when I purchased their Kraken series case for my Evo 4G, and due to my SO wanting my Kraken, I opted to try their Cyclops series case. I have to say, this case was much lighter in weight, and bulk. I think I overshot it with the Kraken, but the Cyclops in comparison is a much better companion for my Evo 4G daily needs. The case itself has a plastic hard case (which also contains a screen protector, no more need to apply one on your phone itself), with a rubber outer lining. To put your phone in the case, remove the lining and then pull the two plastic halves apart. While I'm amazed at how little weight it adds to my phone, I hate the fact that it's so hard to open the case. There is no way to pull it apart other than to stick your fingers on the side where the volume buttons are and pry it apart. The Cyclops really keeps your phone safe, I mean, if it is that hard for the owner to open the case up, imagine the force it would take to dislodge the case from the phone! Sound Quality The case is cut finely, and does not cover the speaker holes of any kind. Performance Beautiful, it does not add much to the phone's weight or girth. Battery Life N/A because it's a case. Durability I believe that this product will last for a long while. The build quality is high, and sturdy. Ease of Use While it's hard to open this particular case, it isn't a hard case to use. Design While the case is designed well, there are some things that people may find a little bit off-putting, such as the rubber case. It goes on easily, however to put the pieces of rubber into the hard plastic cases' grooves, you have to use your fingernail to pop the pieces in securely. Also, with the hard case, if there was a way of opening it up more easier, I would've given it that 5th bubble.

Queens, NY


Trident - Cyclops Case HTC EVO 4G

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