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Transcend TS8GSDHC10 SDHC Memory Card (8 GB) SD Card

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Quality card


When we bought our JVC camcorder, it came with one of these eight gigabyte SD cards. It seemed a little strange because the camcorder comes with sixteen gigabytes built into it. I would have expected a card that was bigger than the internal memory, since that's usually what comes with it. So I usually use the internal memory. But I keep this card in the camcorder for a backup in case I am recording a lot of video and do not have the opportunity to take the videos off of my camera. The card is a quality card that can save even high definition videos wilt any problems. The videos and pictures that I have saved to it transfer to the computer without any problems such as file corruption. The card came with a small protective case, so I usually keep the card in this protective case inside our camcorder bag. Even with transferring it back and forth, the card itself is durable, and this small case has helped protect it from damage. All-around, I would highly recommend this card.



Cheap but good


This Transcend 8gb sd card is extremely cheap. Most people should be able to afford it. The best thing about this card is that it is class 10. It has the fastest speed. You can insert it into your camcorder or camera to shoot photos and videos. Everything should come out as expected. I use this card on my Canon S100 and it has been working great so far. It's fast and reliable. Once I finished shooting my video and photos on it, I take it out from the camera and insert into the sd port of my HDTV. The pictures and videos showing on my HDTV are stunning. I am so glad I pick this card up. it has plenty of room to store a thousand photos and a lot of HD videos. I have the 16 gb version of this card as well and it's been working great for the past 2 years.

New York, NY


Works great with my Panasonic FZ40


I bought this card to go with my new Panasonic FZ40 and for the price it has surpassed my expectations. It is listed as a class 10 card but many state that it is more like a class 6 card. Unless you are recording full 1080p HD video from a 5D Mark II then I doubt you would notice any performance loss and even then it may not be evident. For my needs it works just fine and allows me to record over an hour of HD quality video on my Panasonic FZ40. This card had no problems with burst mode either and kept up with my cameras rapid fire shooting. I did have one small issue that happened a few weeks ago where I went to record a video in AVCHD Lite 720P and the camera said that the card was not suitable for recording the video as if it were not fast enough to handle the bandwidth. I popped the card out and back in again and it has worked fine ever since.   Overall this card offers a very good value for your money. Just don't expect full class 10 speeds and you will be happy with your purchase.      

Oneida, NY


Transcend TS8GSDHC10 SDHC Memory Card (8 GB) SD Card

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