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Trafficmaster Allure Ultra Flooring

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Buyer Beware!


Warranty void if not installed by a professional! This product has a lifetime warranty, but for what? Separating seams after a year of install! Trying to find out. Design I like how this floor looks down, but it is a bit pricey for what I am now experiencing now after having it installed with a loose fitting plank. Durability Well I installed my first room with this over a year ago and just noticed a single plank in the middle of the room has separated completely where you see the gray edges. This was so upsetting after I just finished laying a much bigger room over the weekend. Not sure what to do about it now and what to do if it starts to bother me or gets worst. Ease of Installation For the most part this floor is easy to install and is quite easy to cut and snap. I just had to use a hammer and cloth to tap some planks into place cause I did not have the strength to push in, like say a man could.



Trafficmaster Allure Ultra Flooring

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