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Tracfone - Motorola w376g Cell Phone

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My first piece of garbage


I used this once. The battery screwed up after a few uses. It was in the low and then red shortly. Do not use. The phone was good other than that. Batteries need a few years, NOT months.



4 Years Later and Still Going


I've had this phone for four years and have never had a problem with it in that time. The battery life is still good, the screen still works well, the camera still functions. I have always had some internet issues with it but it's an old phone and a Tracfone, so that can be forgiven. The charger also still works; I got a spare to take with me traveling and that needed replaced but they are easy to find. I really love the placement of the volume buttons; it makes it easy to change the volume while I am speaking with someone. I also like some of the shortcut buttons (for example, holding # to change from vibrate to ring and vice versa) and the games. I plan on holding on to this phone as long as I can.

Pittsburgh, PA


Tracfone - Motorola w376g Cell Phone

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