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Toshiba Satellite T235 Notebook PC

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I dont reccomend this Toshiba laptop.


Well, where to start? The battery on this Toshiba laptop only lasts about  2 hours if you are lucky, but most likely estimate would be around an hour and ten to fifteen minutes. Not enough to use alot outside of your home. The keyboard was too small and hard to type on especailly after taking a Keyboarding class. The keys would randomly get stuck, and not rise back up, leading to the issue of having to pry them off, which made it even harder to type.  The screen was hard to adjust and was not bright enough to easily see during the day.  The computer also had a bad habit of overheating, not too long after it was on, even in 65 degree F temp. The price of which was too high to be encountering all of these issues.  The web camera that is built in had a porblem of lagging behind so bad that it wasn't worth even bothering to take a video. Sometimes not worth to even take a picutre. The quaility of the camera can best be defined as cheap, and not worth it. This laptop certainly disappointed me.

Rockvale, TN


Toshiba laptop has great performance and unique style of design.


This Toshiba satellite performs better than most. It offers Toshiba extra such as back up of your files. It offers a Toshiba home page that informs you of toshiba products and information. The style of the laptop is very appealing and sleek. Comes with number keypad to the right option vs just across the top of the key board. The laptops sound is of great clarity. I use Ovoo on my Toshiba and it performs well. Overall this laptop is great. This laptop only comes with a few usb ports however it's cooling portion is located to the side of the laptop. This is a plust and prevents the laptop from getting excessively hot on your lap. It is best used if charged while on it; cause the battery power is not that durable. However, all I love the laptop. Screen is wide and bright and laptop is easy to use.

Richmond, VA


Laptop packed with power


I bought this laptop when I went back to school so I could have it with me when I needed it and be able to take it home too. I need something small light and easy to operate but yet something that had all the memory and speed. I found this computer on line and went to the store to see it and end up buying it and I love this computer. Its not to heavy for me to be carrying around with all my books and the screen is not to small that I can't see everything well. It's a very quick computer and when I need to look something up online it does not take long to load. I have all the storage for my pictures and papers that I need on here and the videos that I have. It is a very durable computer also, I am not always paying attention so I bump it into things a lot and sometimes its not such an easy hit but it has never hurt my computer. For the price I don't think I could ask for a better laptop, I never use my desktop anymore since I bought this.

Stoneville, NC


Toshiba Laptops are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!


I purchased my Toshiba laptop in May of this year  and I absolutely love it! I have nothing but great things to say about Toshiba. The battery life is about 4 hours which is perfect for me. I use it for my In-Home business and it works great. It comes with many programs, games, and a free 6 month anti-virus..everything you absolutely need. Toshiba is efficient and affordable. The battery life is about 4 hours which is perfect...It is easy to use, very self- explanitory and has lots of help tools to help guide you through any troubles you are having. The toshiba laptop also has a Windows Media center to keep all your music, videos, and pictures organized. You can also stream all your favorite TV shows for absolutely FREE! It comes with Windows 7 updated with only the best. With built in satellite for eaasy access to wireless internet on the go. Also included is a built in memory card reader. Tosiba is only the best for the best. I highly reccomend this laptop to anyone.

Molalla, OR


My Toshiba Laptop kicks butt!


I bought this laptop for work, I am a realtor. I have a ton of photos, information and programs that I use on an hourly basis. This laptop has handled everything I have throw at it and should it ever need to be replaced, I will buy another Toshiba laptop.

Eagle River, AK


great laptop.


Great computer.  Only problem I've encountered is when typing the cursor will jump.  Some say it's because my arm is brushing  against the touchpad, but I have seen it do it withouth touching the computer at all while the indicator is just blinking.  Minor problem.

Auburn, WA


Toshiba Satellite T235 Notebook PC

4.2 6