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Toshiba - 52 in. HDTV LCD Television

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No screen burn makes me happy!


I bought this Tohiba LCD after buying a plasma of another brand, because the plasma suffered greatly from image burn.  This Toshiba LCD doesn't have that problem, and the picture is every bit as crisp and clear.  I used to think you just couldn't get as good an image from an LCD, and this television changed my mind! I can't say enough about the picture quality, but there are other great features about this TV that really set it apart. The general layout of the tv is great.  Nothing gets in the way of the picture and nothing is crowded up. The noise reduction actually works, the on screen menus are easy to navigate, and unlike some of my others, it only weighs about 90 pounds.  This is a big deal for someone like me, who changes up my "entertainment room" often. With 1080p supported resolution, HDMI, Colorstream Component Video Input, Cinespeed and all the popular connector types, I can't find a reason given the great picture quality, that ANYONE would need to go with a plasma!  Save your money and be a lot happier, buy this TOSHIBA!

Columbus, MS


i want one so bad


my bf has one hes so in love with it he almost killed cuz i moved it a lil i love the tv tho Now, for the TV. I have always been a fan of Toshiba products and while everyone else was looking at Samsung, Sharp and Sony LCDs, I was confident that for the money Toshiba would come up wtih a TV I would not be disappointed in. In fact, now that I have it hooked up to Time Warner HD the question is what would the more expensive version of the TV really give me? If you agree Hockey in HD is about as good a test of motion on a LCD, then all I can say is I cannot see the flaws, if any, from twelve feet away. And, the color settings were more than satisfactory out-of-the-box. I enjoy video, and movies in-particular, and am more than happy with this purchase. I would have spent more if necessary for a better picture, but is a more expensive LCD really going to be better?

Bronx, NY


Watching is like being there in person


After weighing the options of LCD vs. plasma, picture size, price and brand the Toshiba 52HL167 came out on top.  Although I have had it for only 3 weeks, I find it has a bright and true color picture, with numerous inputs and controls for individual customized use (check Toshiba web site for tech info).  Although it does not have the 120 HZ processor (4 msec), I have yet been unable to notice any glitch in fast motion. On the negative side, the mute has a 1/2 setting before another click turns the sound off and the screen is dark when not receiving an input signal.  This leads to not knowing when the set is on.  Although there are a couple of very TINY pilot lights to show on/off, I find them very hard to see.  When the cable box is turned off first and input signal is lost, I have to go looking for the LITTLE lights to verify if TV is off. This is not a problem with air antenna signal or when TV is turned off before cable box.

Mchenry, IL


Excellent picture quality


    After checking out lots of big screen tv's and listening to sales people describe the various choices, I decided to buy the 52 inch DLP HD TV.   The picture quality both in HD and regular programming has been excellent.   I have not had any trouble with the TV and have used it extensively for 2 1/2 years. 

Gilbert, AZ


Toshiba - 52 in. HDTV LCD Television

5.0 4