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Toshiba 46SV670U 46 in. HDTV LED TV

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quality tv for reasonable price


Its a pretty good tv. toshiba is like a mid level brand. It might not be top of the line but it is igood enough for the average person and still reasonably affordable. Not one of the garbage ones that break in the first year. After seeing some of the options it is as good as I would recomend anyone get unless you are ready to make the leap to 3d tv. Personally I dont think we are there yet, so a standard 2d makes more sense. This is good enough to be worth it, but not too expansive you cant upgrade to 3d tv in a few years when it become more wide spread and affordable and quality improves. Picture Quality refresh rate is ok, could be a little better like on the high end ones Sound Quality built in speakers Durability seems alright so far Design it looks like a tv, nothing special good or bad Performance overall happy. Had for over a year and so far no real problems. built in sound isnt perfect and sometimes on the fastest of fast pace movie scenes you can slightly notice the refresh rate. Overall you get a pretty good tv, but not top of the line for a respectable price.



Great picture


We got this TV as a black friday special and are very happy with it so far. It has a great picture. We have a sony bluray player hooked up to it and also use it for netflix. We are really happy with it and think it's probably worth more than we paid. We use the internet through the bluray player as our model does not have internet through the tv.

Louisville, KY


Toshiba 46SV670U 46 in. HDTV LED TV

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