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Toshiba 46" 1080p 120Hz LCD TV

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Toshiba 46" flat screen tv


This television was a Christmas gift from my dad, so I don't know the price, but he said he got a good deal on it. Overall, it is a decent television set. It has a nice, big screen. It has a nice, clear picture. We don't actually subscribe to HD, but the channels that automatically come through HD are crystal clear. But, you still get a nice picture on the regular channels. The initial set-up was a little involved and confusing, but not too bad. My son uses the tv for gaming, and on "game mode" there is a really nice picture. We also enjoy watching movies on Netflix on this tv, and it is a nice experience with the big screen. Next best thing to viewing a movie in the theater. With all that being said, there is one major downfall to this tv. When the temperature in the house is warmer, the tv seems to overheat and shut itself off. Then, it will turn itself back on after it cools down. This has only happened when it's warmer in the house. It's obviously a nuisance because it goes off when you are trying to watch something. Not fun when you're entertaining especially, such as watching a game or a movie. This appears to be a common problem with this set because in doing research, I have come across several consumer complaints dealing with this same issue. Performance Poor in that it overheats and shuts itself off.



Very good for watching TV channel- don't expect any other things


I bought this Toshiba 46" LCD TV for my guest room. It has good features for its price, such as 46" display, 1080p, Refresh rate 120 Hz,wide variety of input ports. But it has got no apps and so you cannot readily stream netflix or other internet apps. You have to use roku or other media players for internet streaming. The best thing about this TV is the amazing picture quality. The picture quality is stunning and it is a treat to watch bluray movies in this TV. REsponse time is good for a 120 Hz TV.The sound is almost decent. This you come to expect with all the HD TVs. You should have a surrond sound system to really enjoy watching bluray movies. So it does a neat job as far as watching TV channels and movies. On the downside, there are no internet apps for this TV and so the lifetime of this TV will be really short with the growing internet apps. In a couple of years this TV will become outdated as you cannot watch netflix or other video apps. One bad thing about this TV is that the powercord is hardwired into the TV. So you cannot have the TV very far from power outlet or surge protector. I am using a connecting cord to connect the TV cord to my power outlet. If you plan to use this just for watching TV or to connect to your laptop, I will definitely recommend it!!

Rockville, MD


Toshiba TV


We have two Toshiba TV's. One is 52in. screen that is in the living room. It is large and takes up too much room. I will change it for one of the slimmer models soon. My husband has a 46in. TV in his room and it is one of the slimmer ones. The picture is supurb! I like the quality and sharpness of the picture. It takes a while for the picture to come on after it is cut on. I don't know if it is because of the cable service or the TV. This television is very light and would be very easy to mount. Ours is on a stand and is very easy to move. The television in the living room has built in surround sound and I love the acoustics. The sound in my husband's room is good also but the room is smaller, so I don't know if it is surround or not. It sounds good. I will definitely look at Toshiba brand when I decide to buy another.

Bulls Gap, TN


A very decent tv


I recently purchased this the toshiba 46g300u on the day after thanksgiving at Conns.  This model does have a gaming mode for thos people looking to buy it for a gaming tv.  It also has 120hz if you like that effect.  I bought mine 500 subtotal.  So for my price the size was really outstanding.  The picture quality is very good, but the colors are sufficient.  Maybe it is that I have not calibrated the colors.  I used this model as a computer monitor.  There seem to be a little lag from my input, perhaps it is from being a wireless keyboard and mouse.  I have not tried any real movies or gaming on it, but for 500 bucks I really can't complain.  If you have time you should compare this the 46g300u against other similar models.  I am very pleased with my purchase.  I have heard there was an issue with the images blinking, but I have not seen that happen yet. I do not use the TV everyday right now.  The TV is a pretty good model if you are on a budget.

Cypress, TX


Toshiba 46" 1080p 120Hz LCD TV

3.8 4