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Toshiba 40 in. HDTV LED TV

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Toshiba 40UX600U 40 in. HDTV LED TV


Great picture, especially with HDMI cable, and HD box from cable company. I am still trying to figure a few things out. Have called customer service and they have been helpful getting my questions answered. I wish they would have put more in the line of outputs for external speakers. So far, so good. Sound Quality speakers really buzz at higher volumes

Prior Lake, MN


Nice TV!


One thing we wanted in a TV was a wireless connection to be able to stream netflix on the TV. We do not own a blue-ray, nor to we intend to get one, so wireless through the Tv was a necessity. That said, we love the TV...great color and a clear, crisp picture. The sound is not so good, but we knew that going into it, so we bought a Vizio sound bar that works great add stereo sound. One thing with the TV is that it does not have RCA cable support to put the sound out through our current stereo system as our old TV did. But the sound bar took care of that. Would have prefrred to be able to simply hook-up to our stereo. Lots of HDMI hookups if that is something you are lookin for. We only need least so far. Vudu video on demand does not work well, it continually retrieves and we never were able to watch any movies to really check it out. Netflix and the other internet channels available have not problems. Easy hook-up for the wirelessnet work. Love the TV!

Royalton, MN


Great picture!


I have had this tv for a few months now, and for the most part its a great television. The picture quality is fantastic. It looks great in the dark or when the room is bright and sunny. There are plenty of connections for other devices, and it was very easy for my husband to set up. One thing I am not very fond of though, is how long it takes the television to turn on. When you first turn it on, there is a delay of several seconds, which does not seem like long when you say it, but when you are waiting for it to come on, it seems like forever! Another problem is that I don't like the edge around the tv. Its a shiny black flat frame, but it turns to clear around the very outside edge. I think it makes the tive look kind of cheap, and the flat frame seems to catch all the light in the room and make a glare which can be very distracting. The name Toshiba also glows when the tv is on, and I have not figured out yet how to turn that off, but my husband says its possible.

Riverview, FL


Toshiba 40 in. HDTV LED TV

4.0 3