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Tompax Topiramate

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Have a headache take Topamax


The generic is just as good as the brand name drug.  Although if you do not have insuranceit is very highly cost in price.  I unfortunately am not insured and the doctors state that there is no other medication that works like Tompax does.  It is wonderfully effective if you have severe (migrane) headaches.  I take it daily and do not suffer from headaches very often.  Although if I skip a couple of days my head is killing me.  So the drug is very addictive.  The one good side effect that it does have is it helps with weight lose.  I use to weight 250 pounds and now only weigh 155.  It is not all due to Topamax but when you feel better you are more active.  I would encourage if you have insurance and you have constant headaches and severe migraines to go to your doctor and ask them about Topamax.  It has helped me extremly.  This drug can only be prescribed my your doctor.  You can not get it over the counter.

Raymore, MO


Tompax Topiramate

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