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TomTom XL 350 350T 350M 350TM Portable GPS Navigator

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TomTom is the Bomb!


I just got this TomTom and it is unbelievable! I never knew that driving in an unfamiliar area could be so easy. I don't think that I will ever get lost with this device especially since I got lifetime maps with mine. This device is much easier to navigate compared to another TomTom that used recently. On this one I can actually figure out how to naviagate threw the system. One thing that I have not enjoyed in using this TomTom has been updating it using the computer. I am not sure why, but I have had nothing but problems when it comes to the updates. I know one of the reasons why some things cannot upload is due to the fact that my device is full. This GPS comes fully loaded and it doesn't have any extra space. This however, should not create the problem that I have while trying to update my maps. As I have read on the TomTom site, in updating a map the old map should not be deleted, as the system is just being updated. I really wish that updating the maps were as easy as learning how to navigate through the device. This would be the best of both worlds if that were the case. Ease of Use I'm still having problems with updating this TomTom with new maps because there is not place to put the new maps. I don't know what to do about it! This is the most aggravating part about this GPS unit. If it weren't for the limited storage space I would really enjoy this unit, as it is easy to operate and is reliable.

Pardeeville, WI


Don't try to update your map


I owned this GPS for 6 months, and there are good things and bad things to this one. The good things are the device itself is sensitive. It is quick to find the satelite. Usually it takes less than 1 minutes to locate itself and calculate the route. When you miss the route, it can quickly do the recalculation. On the other hand, the voice is clear and loud enough when you drive with it. The screen is good, and I can see the route clearly even during the sunny days. The battery is good, it can last for at least 4 hours once you charge it fully. The real time traffic is OK, but it's working better when you are near the big cities. Now about the issues this device has. It's really really difficult to update the map. This is one of the biggest reasons I purchased this model, since I can get the lifetime upgrade of the maps. I tried to upgrade the map the 3rd day I got this device after I tested its functionality fully. I followed the instructions, and it failed to load the map. So I called the customer service after waiting for 40 minutes, and the tech support guy spent 2 hours with me and still can't figure out what the issue is . Then I was told that a more experienced tech support would call me the next day. So I wait for one more day, this time the new guy spent one hour to fix the issue. Now it's working again. But I am worried will I have the same issue next time I update the map? So be careful if you want to update the map!

Needham Heights, MA


Love my TomTom


We were looking at finally buying a gps and were trying to decide between a garmin and tom-tom. We had borrowed my in-law's garmin, and we weren't that impressed with the routes it would take us on. And we couldn't just program an alternative route very easily. I did really like the traffic option though, really came in hand when I was traveling in D.C., so I knew I wanted a GPS with the lifetime traffic. Got this TomTom on a black Friday deal and couldn't be happier. Not only did it cost less than the Garmin but we like it a lot better. We have been more impressed with the routing system and love how you can easily calculate alternative routes. I also like how it doesn't say "recalculating" everytime you make a different turn. With the TomTom you can customize it more than the Garmin. You can also change to walking routes if visiting the city. This device is packed with features, and for the price I would definitely buy again.

Callaway, VA


A inexpensive GPS


I purchased this unit specifically for the lifetime Maps and Traffic. I tell you, those features are unbeatable for the price of the unit. I am happy with my purchase thus far. I can easily hear the voice over my radio, the relatively small size of the unit makes it easy to mount right above my rear veiw mirror, easy to mount with factory supplied suction cup (make sure cup/window are clean), easy to read at a glance. I noticed that the unit does not always pick the "real world" fastest route, but it is supposed to learn and make adjustments accordingly (haven't validated this, yet). I have not had the chance to experience live traffic updates in the Denver area, yet. My only complaint is that the initial setup via the internet to update maps, software, etc. is PAINFULLY SLOW - took over 3 hours for all updates to be uploaded to the GPS. Subsequent updates have not taken long to upload. Aside from that, I feel I got my money's worth. I do not really care about all the other bells and whistles that other folks seem to complain about missing. I recommend this unit if all you're looking for is an inexpensive GPS w/ lifetime maps.

Boston, MA


TomTom XL 350 350T 350M 350TM Portable GPS Navigator

3.8 4