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Portable Car GPS
TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

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Most Liked Positive Review


Me & My TomTom XL-S: So Long (Well Almost) Mapquest

***Bottom-Line***: In the short period of time I have used the **TomTom One XL-S** I have become enamored of it and what it can do. 
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***Bottom-Line***: In the short period of time I have used the **TomTom One XL-S** I have become enamored of it and what it can do. 

The **TomTom One XL-S **is an update to the *TomTom One XL*; the **XL-S** brings text-to-speech capabilities to the table.  This means that instead just a visual display of directions the **TomTom One XL-S **will announce them together with the street name; e.g. instead of just *"turn left in 500 feet,"* you'll hear *"turn left on Ohio Street in 500 feet."*  It seem like a small improvement, but believe me it makes a world of difference.  Real-time traffic services can be had via TomTom Plus services (a subscription service) or via an RDS-TMC traffic receiver, which can be purchased separately.    

Like the *TomTom One XL*, the **TomTom One XL-S** is fitted with a 4.3" color touch screen, and comes pre-loaded with maps of the United States, Canada, and Guam (what about Puerto Rico?) right out the box.  But the unit is surprisingly lightweight and compact measuring in at 4.7 inches wide by 3.4 inches high by 1.2 inches deep; and weighing in at a very manageable and portable 7.4 ounces.

**Set-up & Use**

The first time you turn the **TomTom One XL-S **it will ask you for your location and suggest you be outside in order for the unit to find the GPS satellites it needs.  My unit was able to pick up the satellites inside my house, though a larger building might be an issue. 

**TomTom Home Software**

The **TomTom One XL-S** software, called *TomTom Home* is included in the box, and will work with *Windows* *XP* and *Windows* *Vista*.  With the TomTom Home** **software one can update the GPS unit as well as operate it.  The **TomTom One XL-S** connects to the computer via the included USB cable that can also be used to recharge the unit.  Windows will auto-detect the unit as a storage medium. 

Before you connect to the TomTom Home software for the first time I recommend create an account on-line at; then you can log-in via TomTom Home software and up-date the **TomTom One XL-S. **

I have read many reviews (some oh here) on TomTom GPS devices, most complaining that this feature or that was missing.  The **TomTom One XL-S** ships with a lot of features such as Points of Interest (POI) turned off.  Street announcements are also turned off by default.  These and many other features can be turned on once the unit is set-up.

**My Viewpoint **

I have used the **TomTom One XL-S** a number of times since I un-wrapped it on Christmas Eve and it has yet to let me down, with the exception of one case where I could not input the street number; for some reason I could not input building number for a major city in Chicago (LaSalle Street).  Then I had to fall back to *MapQuest* to provide me with destination directions.  Outside of the one bump in the road (patron the pun), I am loving the **TomTom One XL-S.  **The directions are concise and the text-to-speech functionality very, very useful.

In the short period of time I have used the **TomTom One XL-S** I have become enamored of it and what it can do.  The use of has for the most part, become a thing of the past.  No more taking my eyes of the road to read a MapQuest printout, and no more pulling off the road at night to do the same.  With my new **TomTom One XL-S **my direction are read to me with astounding accuracy and in color! 

The **TomTom One XL-S** is a keeper.     


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Stick to Garmin!

The TomTom ONE XL is easy to use, easy to see, and easy to hear, but lacks a lot of features that make a GPS truly useful.  If this is your...Read complete review

The TomTom ONE XL is easy to use, easy to see, and easy to hear, but lacks a lot of features that make a GPS truly useful.  If this is your first GPS unit and you use it primarily to go from one address to another, you'll probably be happy.  But if you've ever used a Garmin unit, you'll quickly learn where the TomTom falls short.

Some of the nice features of the TomTom include an easy-to-use touch-screen interface, easy to see screen, and clear directions.  It's lightweight and much thinner than many Garmin and Magellen units.  The widescreen format looks neat but is pretty useless -- after all, when you're driving you want to see what's ahead of you, not what's on either side of you.  The ONE XL also provides good routing, and you can have it prompt you whether you want to avoid toll roads or not each time you plan a route, which is nice.  (You can also set it to always avoid or not avoid toll roads, but it's nice to be given the choice without having to go into the settings menu.)

 Now for some of the drawbacks:

- Unlike my Garmin iQue, the TomTom does not automatically switch to night mode at dusk.  This might be because the unit does not automatically detect the current time from GPS signals like my Garmin does.
- If you decide to zoom out on the map, the ONE XL will automatically zoom back in after a few seconds.  I find this very annoying.  When driving long distances on the highway without exiting, I like to see a larger view so I can get a sense of my progress along the route.
- Although the unit comes pre-loaded with US and Canada maps and points of interest, we've found the points of interest to be limited.  On a trip to Hawaii, about 3/4 of the points we tried to find (like grocery stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions) either could not be found or were inaccurate.
- Searching for points of interest is also quite difficult.  The available categories are limited and not intuitive.  For example, there is a category for "shopping center" but who knows the name of a shopping center when you are vacationing out of town?  If you want to search by name, you can search all categories within a certain distance, but as I mentioned above, the results are very limited.  I live in the Washington DC suburbs and the unit finds no Starbucks or Wal-marts within 30 miles of my location?  I think not.
- Unlike my Garmin, which ALWAYS gives the distance before the direction (e.g. "In 2 miles, exit right"), the TomTom will occasionally give the direction before the distance.  This can be confusing when the unit says "Exit right... in two miles" just as you are passing another highway exit.
- My Garmin provides turn preview images that are very convenient.  The TomTom doesn't have this feature.
- We are also very displeased with the suction cup mount, which won't stay put on the windshield or on the dashboard mounting disk.

TomTom does say that you can download additional points of interest, including 10,000 additional retail businesses, so I am hoping that's an improvement. 

 Some other features the TomTom offers but I haven't used include an SD memory card slot and Bluetooth capabilities for real-time traffic updates.

Reviewed by 75 customers

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Driving Made EASY


from Las Vegas, NV

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Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

I simply can't say enough great things about the TomTom- ONE XL GPS Navigation System. The screen is large and bold allowing the driver to get a detailed visual of where they are headed. This alone is a grate feature when you view other devices with much smaller screens. I truly enjoy being able to see where I'm headed.

The unit also has great setting features that allow you to do some incredible things if I do say so myself. I'm going to list several of the features below for your review:

- Day and Nightime settings - This comes in handy when one is trying to get from point A to B

- Location Searches - I can't tell you how many times I just want to find some options for a restaurant, hotel or even a gas station. Well, my TomTom has me covered. The display setting will allow me to search for nearby locations and with the click of a button several options and their distance will appear before my very eyes. It's simply FANTASTIC!!!

- Familiar route - Your able to save your most frequent trips so you don't constantly have to enter address over and over again. Simply, lock in the address and save the location for future use. (I think it's a great feature)

- Traffic Guide - You can also subscribe to the real traffic source so you can find out about traffic in the area you're headed. This is a great feature because it simply just saves you time and the end of the day. I'm not one for sitting in traffic unless it's unavoidable and TomTom makes it avoidable.

All in all, I have to say you can't go wrong with TomTom - One XL GPS Navigation System.

  • Processing Speed:
  • Map Quality & Accuracy:
  • Ease of Use:

tomtom is easy to operate!


from Tempe, AZ

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Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

TomTom is pretty easy to operate and you dont have to be a computer guru to utilize! You can navigate from one place to another, and save your past searchs. It allows you to pick a voice that will tell you where to go, as well as change all the settings to make it customized to your needs! I would recommend this to someone else in a second!

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Our TomTom is like a member of the family!


from Sagle, ID

Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

We have had our TomTom for about seven months.  We use a female voice so we call her Mandy.  Mandy is like a part of the family!  We enjoy taking her with us and are always amazed at how she always knows exactly where we are.  She always lets us know when we missed a turn.  She shows us how fast we are travelling and where the rest stops are as well as other points of interest.  We don't worry anymore about how to get to our destination.  Our TomTom will always get us there.  It is easy to use and read while driving, and has an option to store locations for ease of use.  Other options include locations of shopping, gas stations, hospitals, churches, and even an alarm to let you know when you are driving over the speed limit.  TomTom calculates drive time and gives you an estimated time of arrival while also showing you the miles left until you arrive at your destination.  TomTom does all the work.  All you need to do is get behind the wheel and go!

I recommend this product 100%! 


It is the Tom's fault that I shop as much as I do.


from O Fallon, MO

Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

I LOVE my tom tom one.  We bought it a little over a year ago, and it has saved us so many times in the St. Louis area, esp. with all the construction that is going on here.  Sadly, I shop more than ever because I can easily find all the stores in the downtown area that were always out of reach before. 

It is also a lifesaver when on cartrips with my hubby.  It GREATLY cuts down on the inevitable roadtrip fights over stopping for directions.  It is also great for the kids, because I can tell them exactly when we will be there.

The only drawback, is like with every GPS system, you have to download updates every so often.  I wish they would come up with a way to do auto updates without having to hookup to a computer.

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who travels at all, loves to shop, lives in a city (esp. those with continual construction), or to those who are going on a vacation or trip in an unfamilar city.




I love the tom tom gps. I have two of them 1 for each car.


from Lewiston, ID

Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

My husband and I love the tom tom gps.  We have two of them 1 for each of our cars so that we never get lost.  They are so simple and easy to use. We had another brand  before and we couldn't ever learn how to use it and the salespersons at the time were no help either.



I can get anywhere with my TomTom GPS!


from Cedar Park, TX

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Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

I am technically challenged and I am perfectly capable of operating my Tom Tom.I have used it to find my way from point to point while on vacation,traveling from Texas to New Mexico.

Whenever I am out and about in town and feel hungry,all I need to do is su my TomTom to find a restaurant.It gives me very detailed directions.What I like most of all is after I set it for where I want to go ,just leave it alone and listen to the voice tell you how to get there.

TomTom GPS has made my life much less hectic.I no longer have a fear of getting lost.I am able to find businesses without having to pull off the road and call directory assistance and pay their high rates I can travel and not have to stop at a rest area to try to read the road atlas.

I don't know how I ever got anywhere before owning a TomTom but,I know I won't ever be without my best friend again!

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Never Lost Again


from Bellmore, NY

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Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

At first I thought I would only use this if I were going to a different state or something like that but it is amazing as if I am going someplace local and streets are closed off it gives me ways to get there.

The greatest thrill was I took it to Florida with me and rented a car and when I put it on I could not believe that it worked there without any problem and got me to places I needed to go without wasting time and more importantly gas it was fantastic.

If you are considering purchasing one I say do it as you will be amazed how it can show you short cuts to places you go if you dont want to go on the parkway it can show you other ways to get to the location you need to get it.

I rely on it almost all the time I have to venture somewhere and no it won't let me down. Makes a great gift for someone who does not already have one.


Gets You Where You Want To Go


from Scarville, IA

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Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

I really like the Tom Tom One XL GPS system. The voice options are good, it is easy to program and operate, & worked very well for me on a 1300 mile road trip from the Midwest to Virginia Beach. You can get updates, free maps, as well as several paid maps online. It's an inexpensive model, so why pay more? This works well.


Tomtom is great!


from Biloxi, MS

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Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

This is a great device for the price! You are able to customize this device for you own personality. You can change the color of your maps and even the voice of the person speaking to you. You can further customize your device by adding specific restaurants and places. If you do not like the normal maps on that come with the device you can even purchase more specific maps that show vast more details. One great feature of this device is the ability to make map corrections and even post them for others to copy. These corrections are sent to TomTom and verified before being sent to other devices. The program used to interface this device with the computer lets you download new items and even plan out trips before even leaving your computer. The Tomtom is very easy to use and even those who are not computer or electronic savvy can learn the basics of this device quickly. I would definitely recommend this device to all levels of electronic users! The touchscreen is accurate and also very clear to read. The volume is adjustable. This allows the user to turn it up if need be or even turn it so low that you cannot hear it.


TomTom One Solid GPS ENTRY


from Houston, TX

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Comments about TomTom One XL XL-S Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator:

This was my first tomtom gps that I owned and it's indeed quite the work horse. I pick it up when Bing was having their special cashback promotion and it turned out to be a great choice. Before this tomtom, I have own several other gps brand, including Navigon and Sony. This definitely blow them away for a much lower cost. The display is a solid 4.3 inch screen, providing a balance mix of screen estate to size ration. At the time this was the lowest price for a text to speech tomtom and while lacking in features, it certainly made up in signal acquisition. This thing is fast, very fast when picking up signals. In fact, coming out of sleep, it easily pick up signal in less than 10 seconds in most days. The main complain I have on this model is like most low-end to mid-end tomtom, it does not tell you which side of the street your destination is at. This feature I guess was specifically cater to their higher end model. Other minor quibles include washed out screen in bright sunlight, expensive map upgrade cost, no bluetooth, and at time, funky direction choices.

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