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Portable Car GPS
TomTom ONE 140 140S Portable GPS Navigator

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Finally an affordable full featured car GPS


The TomTom 140s is a full featured affordable car navigation solution. At the time i bought it it featured one of TomToms exclusive technologies which shows you the lanes you must be in for merging or exiting highways. Although this may not seem too impressive, it really helps when your driving on a crowded highway, somewhere you have never been. Another TomTom exclusive (that I know of) is its integrated suction cup. The mounting unit clips on to the back of the device and can fold down resulting in a compact package when not mounted. This makes it easy to remove when your not in the car and fit in your glove box or even purse/pocket. Everyone knows that even the suction cup should be removed from your windshield so thieves don't know/think there may be a GPS in your glove box. Also, from my research, the 140S is the most affordable TomTom device that supports spoken street names. All in all i am very satisfied with this unit, only once did I end up in a sketchy side of town trying to find a Burger KIng.

Durham, NH


TomTom- 140s GPS Great little time saver


I can't say enough about this little unit. I needed something to get me around suburbs that I was unfamiliar with quickly. This little guy was the ticket. Super easy to use and fast. By fast I mean it doesn't spen a lot of time searching for a signal or replanning routes. It even picks the best available routes, some of the older units picked quetionable routes on occasion. The touch screen is pretty good, the fat finger element is low. You can update your maps and get real time traffic updates on this gizmo too. There is a nice selection on voices to choose from, so you don't have to listen to the same one, or and overly robotic one. It does butcher the street name pronunciation on occassion. The speaker is good and loud, so you can hear it over any traffic. It also allows you enough time to get off at your stop or make your turn. The charge doesn't last all that long, so I prefer to leave mine plugged in or turn it off when I don't need it. Overall a nice little unit for the price.

Chicago, IL


Small and efficient


I bought the TomTom140S for a second vehicle that I got. Previously the TomTom125 was the GPS of choice and it was fine except without spoken street names I always had to glance at the screen to decide the street names and correlate it with what I saw. The TomTom 140S is a great improvement. The screen size seems somehow larger even though it is still 3.5 inches, the colors are brighter. And with the spoken street names I know exactly where I am all of the time even without looking at the screen to read the names. The voices that read street names are interchangeable and can be modified to suit which ever is to your liking. For an additional charge you can even get Celebrity voices! There is traffic updates, Point of interest button which is great to find nearby restaurants...a real help in an unfamiliar state (helped me find a Texas Roadhouse in Vermont!). There is also a "help me" button for emergencies which show you nearest hospital, police station etc (also used this button to find hospital!). The best of all is that it is portable so you can take in with you on walking trips to locate an address, or just for security. The battery life is pretty good - maybe 4-5hours (I usually keep it plugged in to my cigarette lighter). There is one feature that I have to use...the IQ route which can decide the best route based on traffic and delays that are up to date.  Also it can learn your usual routes like backroads you take to certain places and plot those in. All in all ...small but great!

Brooklyn, NY


Voice choices are limited and female voice is annoying.


All in all I like this GPS. Bought it to move from Florida to Tennessee. It made the trip effortless. Now that I use it to navigate here in local Tennessee, I find it not as reliable. It took me the (long) wrong way on two occasions, but the correct way on the return trip. What's up with that?  Another occasion, I went 1/4 mile past my destination before "she" announced you have arrived at your location! Most of the time I get printed driving instructions to back up the GPS before I leave home. I am going to try out another voice because some of the  voiced streets are not clear, but I guess OK for phonetics. Streets are badly marked , if at all here in Knoxville, so newcomers need help navigating. My TomTom is a basic model, not the most expensive model, and I will say that most of the time it does OK. I would like more advance voice interaction for direction before 1/4 mile prior to destination. Updates are available via computer . 

Knoxville, TN


TomTom ONE 140 140S Portable GPS Navigator

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