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Toastmaster UltraVection Convection Toaster Oven

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Didn't think I would use it. Now I'm sad to ever replace it.


This is the easiest to use 1400 watt convection over. Perfect for quick heating, cooking, and snacks. My father purchased this over for me and I did not think I would make use of it, as I preferred stovetop, fullsize oven, and microwave for meal preparation. Some years later I needed to warm some hors doevres and treats for a party, and I unpacked this oven. Suddenly I found I was able to prepare so many baked and broiled items without the use of a full-size conventional oven. None of my friends have had the same quality of "toaster oven". I've been truly impressed and this appliance is firmly rooted in our weekly meal prep.



Best convection oven ever!


My husband bought the Toastmaster UltraVection toaster/convection oven about 8 years ago, and we absolutely love it! We use it for fries, frozen chicken, pizza, and much, much more. We wore out the first one (which he bought from an informercial) and had to end up buying a 2nd one on ebay. We paid more for the 2nd than the 1st, but it is well worth it! It has probably saved us thousands of calories over the years. French fries and other frozen/normally fried foods come out of this oven really crispy, and most things taste better than if they were actually deep fried. The oven heats up really quickly, and we can do a full basket of food in usually 10 minutes or so versus probably 25 or 30 in the regular oven. There is an easy to pull out drip pan underneath. The only minor issue we have is the basket. It tends to let small things drop through, and then they end up burned on the heating element. This is easily fixed though with a little cleaning and maintenance. For re-heating pizza, we usually put down a piece of foil so that no cheese drips through. Overall, we absolutely love this product and use it several times a week. For the few weeks between when the first one finally gave out (after about 8 years) and the new one arrived, we really missed it. We're trying to keep this one super clean and take really good care of it so that it will last a long time. If you're in the market for a small/medium countertop convection oven, this one is your best bet!

Morristown, TN


Toastmaster UltraVection Convection Toaster Oven

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