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Tiny Love
Tiny Love Orbeez Color Pack

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Orbeez fun for kids


First of all, let me start off with the fact that I just do not get "Orbeez", having said that I believe Orbeez is only intended for kids.  While some toys are interesting to adults as well, this one is not. Orbeez are extremely tiny little beads (easy to lose) that come in a variety of colors.  You place the tiny beads in a cup of water (preferably bottled water) and after a period of time anywhere from two to three hours, these tiny beads start to grow.  They grow in water and can shrink if they start to dry out but you are able to regrow them if necessary.  This is totally a "use your  imagination" toy.  My daughter rolls them around, bounces them and has put them on her Deluxe Marble Race toy, to watch them roll through all the ramps.  Only thing is they are only a thin rubber or plastic material, so when they went through the ramps on the Marble Race, they were cut in  half.  Orbeez had recommended that you could use the Marble Race to play with the Orbeez beads.

Arlington, TX


Tiny Love Orbeez Color Pack

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