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Timberwolf Organics
Timberwolf Organics Elk and Salmon Dry Food

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Timberwolf Organics is just what my wolf-crosses want


I have two wolf mixes that thrived on Timberwolf Organics. They shed less and both their coats were so shiny, their teeth were clean. Everyone that saw them commented on how beautiful their coats are. Being organic was what I look for as my pets are more timber and black wolf then shepard/husky. The elk and salmon was perfect and they cleaned their bowls in nothing flat. My one pet was just a puppy when started on Timberwolf he won't eat anything else.

Ottumwa, IA


Smells so good I think I could eat it!


I finally switched to Timberwolf after trying a number of different dog foods. I have 3 dogs. One has food allergies, one has an extremely sensitive stomach and the last is thankfully normal.  I had 2 different foods at all times and could never find one that all 3 could eat. Although keeping track of 2 different foods wasn't hard, I wanted to find a food that was so great, it catered to all dogs. I found that in Timberwolf. Cliff isn't scratching, has no hair loss and no hotspots or ear infections. Elsie hasn't had anything stomach issues and no gas problems either!  I love Timberwolf!

Orlando, FL


give your four leggers the best because they deserve it


I am a big believer in paying more for quality dog food. I have tried many brands including Wellness, Merrick, and Nutro Ultra. Timberwolf food is hands down the best food I have ever given my bassets, Maggie and Andrew. I am impressed with the quality of their coat and skin after eating the Timberwolf food. Their stools are alot smaller because they are utilizing all the nutrients. I have yet to find a variety that even finicky Andrew won't scarf down in a minute.  I am a volunteer foster home for Suncoast Basset Rescue in Florida. My foster hounds flourish on Timberwolf. The foster hounds come in are very neglected and used to poor nutrition. They experience a total transformation thanks in part to the superior nutrition Timberwolf provides.  Timberwolf Organics dog food comes in several varieties: Ocean Whitefish, Wilderness Elk and Salmon, Dakota Bison, and Black Forest to name a few...

Sebastian, FL


Timberwolf Organics Elk and Salmon Dry Food

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