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Tigi Flat Iron

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Finally found the best hair straightner available!


i have tried many different hari straughtners conair,chi,viva,pink,loreal, andn the bed head tigi is absolutely bar far the best. I spent 199.00 on a chi hearing the brand name was the best had ut two months broken just wouldnt heat up!then i tried cheaper ones figuring he qs long as their cramic they should do the jo qwell i was way wrong and wasted money. Then recently i came across the Bed Head tigi ! inch flat iron selling at walgreens for 89.99. I figures since the cheapos werent working at all and the chi broke witin approx 30 uses why not try it. well, let me tellya the best 90 doll,lars i ever spent. I have hair below my bra strap my hair is comletley staightened using the bed head withn 10 mimutes o exxageration. It has many unique features. In 30 seconds ou have instant heat so you do not have to sit ound waiting for your straightner to heat up along wihthat it also has 3 heat settings. it is also a wet to dry straighnter ans works the me on wet air as on dry which is definitey a plus diont have to waste time blowdrying to straighten. It also emits all frizz from your hair using natura ions which it also has three different setting for that as well. I am a mother so this ast feature i am going to mentioln s very important to me at the very bottom it has a locking feature as its warming up or for ehnevr youleae te room so you dont have to worry about your lil ones touching it and burining themselves or yourself eiter for that matter!this tool works so well before chi straightening serum was my best frend for frizz ontrol ith this straigtner i dint have to use any serums for frizz it does it all on its own!So, do yourself a favor, give it a try i promise, you will not be dissapointed!

Hudson, FL


Bed Head is the BEST!


I am a huge fan of TIGI products! The company Toni and Guy, I feel, is top of the line, so the product that they come out with are a prime example of top of the line! The conditioner is exactly the same, top of the line!  The line that you get doesn't matter, as long as it is made from TIGI, you will be getting a quality shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair feeling healthy, smooth, shiney and not tangled, dry frizzy! The moisture maniac is a fantastic conditioner that I really love. I do not have dry hair but use this regularly and so far, I have not had to even worry about my hair feeling dry! I love this conditioner! The other very fantastic thing about the TIGI products, including the conditioners, is the smell! The smells or aroma of the conditioner is such a clean, fresh smell and it lingures as the day goes on! And as a final note, I think that TIGI's use of fun names and terms for the products make them even better!

Lake City, PA


TIGI flat iron straightened my curly hair fast with no damage


I really like this straightener. I have  a lot of hair and did not think a one-inch straightener would work well, but It was within by budget at TJMaxx. It heats up quickly, has several heat settings, and I love that I can curl my hair with it because it's a rounded body. My hair is naturally curly but this straightener does not damage my hair. It also came with a case you can store it in, even if it's still hot. I love it!

Portland, OR


Tigi Flat Iron

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