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Thursday Plantation
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

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Thursday Plantation Tea tree miracle oil


I love Thursday plantation green tea oil because it saved my toenails. I have always struggled with cracked toenails that would turn green for years due to being an athlete and a nutrient deficiency. Once I started using this tea tree oil, my cracked toenails were cracked no more and the stains or green discoloration in my toenails had dissapeared. Because of this product, I am no longer embarrassed to show my feet on the beach or at the airport during the security check. I highly recommend you get Thursday plantation tea tree oil to heal toenail and nail fungus and cracks, especially if you are ashamed of your toenails.



all natural disinfectant


I love to try new things out especially if its natural. I wanted to use an all natural disinfectant for my cuts. I had read up on the tea tree oil and was excited to try this. Tea tree oil can be used for a wide variety of ailments - varying from toothache, cuts, acne. insect bites, athlete foots, etc. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil is easily found in the grocery stores or at in mass merchandise marketers like target. You can also find it in health food stores. i use the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil (100 percent tea tree oil) sparingly because It's very potent. It will keep your cuts from becoming infected. I also dip a qtip swab into the tea tree oil and use it on insect bites and an occasional pimple. i find it to have a cool, refreshing minty\menthol feeling. I've notice that my pimples does not get any larger -infact, it seems to shrink after I put the tea tree oil on. I had a toothache and use a swab to dab it on the infected tooth - i don't know if it really help but the taste was equilivant to extra strong Original Listerine. My co-worker used it for his athlete's foot and it help cleared it up. Natural is the best way to go,

Elmhurst, NY


The herbal way to cure


I have tried many different creams and ointments for tons of medical injuries or issues and I have finally found one product that can pretty much be used for all of them. This product is great to have for tons of different things such as cuts, burns, different types of acne, abrasions, bug bites and stings, and much much more. Thursday Plantation tea tree oil is great to have and is inexpensive for the many different uses. Though others may not prefer the smell, I love it. It is a rich woodsy type of smell and is very calming. It is extreamly easy to use, all you have to do is dab a little bit on your finger or a cotten ball and apply to wherever. It doesnt really sting or hurt like some other products. I usually tend to wear it at night and ususally whatever problem that I have used it for heals pretty quickly. Overall I would have to say that this is a great buy and have recommended it to friends and family.

Alexandria, VA


Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is the bomb!


I love this stuff! It is potent and it works.  Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil works great.  It is one of the few natural products that can eliminate athlete's foot or any kind of foot fungus.  It is a powerful topical product that goes a long way.  I use it for bug bites and it stops the stinging and itching  right away.  This company is a good one, too.  They make natural products that work.  If you havent used Tea Tree Oil, be prepared for the strong smell.  I love it, but it is strong. Tea Tree Oil has historically been used as an antiseptic and although it is fast acting, it still needs multiple applications if you are treating a stubborn condition, like athletes foot. I don't care for medicines with chemicals and preservatives.  Plantation Tea Tree Oil contains nothing but natural ingredients with Tea Tree Oil being most obvious. My husband won't use anything else for certain conditions.  He trusts this product completely.

Cornville, AZ


A natural wonder from Down Under


Thursday Plantation makes a whole line of products made with tea tree, all of which I like, but nothing beats the regular, little, old bottle of pure tea tree oil. Tea tree is a plant native to Australia and NZ, and folks from both of these countries have known about the healing qualities of this plant for centuries.It's only just caught on the USA with in the last few years, and still isn't widely known about. Pure tea tree oil is excellent in a variety of situations, including: Disinfecting cuts and abrasions Clearing up athelete's foot (in record time!) Treating infection-prone acne As an inhalant at the early signs of head or chest cold To relieve the itch and burning of insect bites This stuff is great. There are other companies selling tea tree oil, but I like Thursday Plantation. It's the pure stuff, direct from Down Under. A small bottle of the stuff may seem expensive, but you're only meant to use a drop or two at a time. A little goes a long, long way. I can't stress enough how quick and effective this is on athelete's foot - much quicker and more effective than products such as Tinactin (which is fine stuff...just not as effective.) If you like this stuff (and I can't imagine you won't), try Thursday Plantation's other tea tree-based products.

San Francisco, CA


Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

4.8 5